7+ Apps like Affirm to buy now and pay later

Affirm is an app that allows you to buy now pay later. The installment payment software increases sales. If you sell high-value goods that customers struggle to pay at once, you can come up with a plan where they can pay in installments. Affirm is an app that is developed to allow people to pay in installments. You can get the app and it will go a long way towards making you achieve great success when coming up with a payment plan. Other apps like Affirm include.

1. Afterpay


The app can be integrated into your store to make it easy for buyers to pay in installments. It offers comprehensive technical support to make it easy for store owners to focus on service delivery. It is a reliable app with several features that simplify the way people pay in installments.

2. Splitit


The app allows merchants across the globe to avail themselves of interest-free monthly payments. There are some goods that can be hard to afford within a short period. The app makes it possible for buyers to access them in installments. It is an easy-to-use app that allows people to pay using their MasterCard and Visa debit cards.

3. Zip


The app allows you to shop at your favorite store and pay over four installments. The easy-to-use app simplifies the way people shop online. You will have the freedom to buy high-value goods because the payment will be spread over a period of time. The easy-to-use app simplifies the way you can go about shopping around.

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4. FuturePay


You can use the app at your store and allow customers to buy now and pay later. With the app, you will not require a credit card before you can buy now and pay later. It is an easy-to-use app that simplifies the payment process. All the essential steps required for you to start paying online are simplified.

5. Sezzle


You can use the app to improve sales by enabling customers to buy now pay later. There are some customers who are willing to order from your store, but they do not have enough cash. They can apply the app to access the buy now pay later feature. It simplifies the payment process.

6. PayPal Credit

paypal credit

The app offers you the power to shop now and pay later. The ability to enjoy flexible payment over time makes it a great way to afford diffident items. In a home setup, there are several items you may like to buy. You will easily afford the different items if you can get the app. It simplifies your shopping process.

7. Klarna

It is among apps like Affirm that you can get to buy now and pay later. It has minimal admission fees making it a great way to start saving money and afford items that are beyond your reach. The concept of buying now paying later has helped many people afford different items. You can buy your next home appliance via the program if you can locate the right app.

There are many apps like Affirm you can use. It is essential to check out features such as the fees charged and the feature available before deciding on a given app.

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