10 Apps like After Effects for Android

Have you ever shot a video with your phone but you felt that it was lacking? Maybe the lighting was off or perhaps what it really needed in order to bring it all together were some explosions in the background? After-Effects is always a great option except that it is not available on mobile. Instead of compromising on your image or having to go through the lengthy process of uploading a video to your personal computer, you should try some of the apps on the following list.

With this list of apps like after effects for android, you won’t have to spend long nights searching for the right fit for your video editing needs.

Apps like After Effects for Android

1. Funimate Video Editor

With a small list of features and a simple user interface, Funimate is where you should be starting out. This video editor makes it easy to import videos from your gallery and quickly begin editing them into fun little clips to share with your friends or family. Multi-layer editing allows for a depth of visual effects that can be created and implemented in just a few short clicks. Of course, your standard color, text, and music-adding features are all present in this beginner-friendly and simplistic video editor.

2. InShot

If you are creating videos for your social media accounts then this is the app for you. With a basic but powerful video timeline editing feature, you can add effects to your videos at specific moments. No longer will you have to sit and pray, hoping that you added the right effect to the right moment. You can also scan the timeline and remove anything that may not fit, some times we get better ideas or change our minds and this is something that the developers of InShot know.

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3. PowerDirector

The power in its name is not just for show, creating cinematic clips that incorporate professional effects has never been possible on your mobile phone until now. The developers behind PowerDirector update the app on a monthly basis, so any bugs that you run into will be squashed. Any features that you wish the app had could very likely be added in. Any videos that you feel are missing the right effect could one day be completed. Last of all, any doubts you may have had that this app would be dead can be cast aside.

4. FXGuru

FXGuru won’t satisfy most of your video editing needs but if you are looking for sleek, available, and ready to use then you have come to the right place. With the ability to select from a whole host of different disasters ranging from UFOs descending from the clouds or rockets being launched at your friends, rest assured that the effect can be found in this app.

5. Movie Booth FX

If the effects that you want for your videos on your mobile phone are more geared towards action, science fiction, and even horror, then this is the app for you. Right off the bat, thirty-two of Movie Booth FX’s special effects are available for free. That means that you get to try the app out before making your purchase. Hooray for an informed consumer!

6. Action Movie FX

Action everywhere and at every moment. Turn your memories into action scenes ripped straight from Bollywood films with Action Movie FX. The name says it all as everything from lens flares to rocket launcher takedowns of mountains can be replicated from this tiny little app. If you have got action in mind then the only correct choice is Action Movie FX.

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7. VideoShow

Snowflakes are everywhere in today’s world and now they can be found in your videos too. Rain and fire are just a couple of clicks away with this video editing app. Built from the ground up with state-of-the-art poly counts and a pixel density crush that can rival the best software to be found on a personal computer. The only way that you could go wrong with VideoShow is if you decide to scroll past it.

8. VivaCut

Tik Tok is an app that has taken the world by storm and for good reason too. Chinese ingenuity and design genius has created the foremost app for making clips that only last a few seconds. Social media is the fast fashion of content and now you too can pump out content at an alarming rate with VivaCut. VivaCut is designed specifically to edit Tik Tok videos, don’t let your social media efforts go to waste by using competing software.

9. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe made After-Effects and in a way, the reverse can also be said but even though there are no after-effects for android phones, that doesn’t mean that there is no Adobe on android phones. Adobe Premiere Rush is the gold standard in creating fun, high-quality videos that won’t break the proverbial bank. Be warned, that this is an Adobe product and as such, you can expect to have frame rate issues and for the app to be very confusing and intimidating for beginners.

10. Glitch Video Effects

Does your project require you to add a wide range of effects to your videos? If you answered “yes”, then Glitch Video Effects is for you. Glitch is a very feature-rich app that won’t leave you feeling as if you wasted your money. A “screen tap mode” can be toggled which gives you the ability to add any desired effect anywhere on the video by simply tapping your finger on the desired location. You can also add more than one effect per video, something that most other apps will deny you. The right choice.

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The previously mentioned apps like after effects for android, each have its own benefits and downsides. Spend some time thinking about what it really is that you are looking for in your video editing software. It doesn’t hurt to graph out your needs and wants, in order to figure out what can be sacrificed.

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