5+ Apps like Afterpay to buy now and pay later

It’s possible that you’ve come across or perhaps used Afterpay if you purchase online frequently. Afterpay is a service that collaborates with online shops to offer their consumers the option of paying for their purchases in monthly installments.

However, Afterpay is not the only service of this type available. Several other companies offer a similar method of payment for online purchases. These providers offer some capabilities that Afterpay does not. So, if you appreciate using Afterpay but are curious about what else is available, it would be worthwhile to consider what these other companies offer.

Consider using the following five Apps like Afterpay for your shopping convenience.



When it comes to making purchases, Affirm gives you the option to pay for them over a longer period. At checkout, you can use Affirm with the store partners who have signed up for the program. Many well-known brands are represented, such as Walmart, Target, and Adidas.

Affirm has an interest charge, but it is not compounded like some other Afterpay alternatives; instead, it is a flat rate. There are no surprises when it comes to upfront costs, and the amount you’ll have to pay won’t alter over time.

You won’t be hit with any late fees or penalties if you forget to pay. Affirm is an excellent option, especially for doing big purchases.

You can download this app through the App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

2. ZIP


The app allows you to shop at your favorite store and pay over four installments. The easy-to-use app simplifies the way people shop online. You will have the freedom to buy high-value goods because the payment will be spread over a period of time. The easy-to-use app simplifies the way you can go about shopping around.

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Many prominent online shops use Klarna, including Amazon, H&M, and Adidas. In addition, you can utilize the Klarna app to search through all of the listed stores. Like many others, you make four interest-free payments over time.

Paying every two weeks with Klarna gives you an eight-week grace period if you make all of your payments on time. You have 30 days from the time you receive the merchandise to determine whether or not you wish to keep the item and stop paying. Klarna also offers a financing option for larger purchases, which can be paid back in six to 36 months, if you like.

Before creating the Digital card, you must have the Klarna app and either Google Pay (for Android devices) or Apple Wallet (for iOS/Apple devices) installed on your smartphone.



Sezzle, like the other pay-later providers, divides payments into four equal installments spread out over six weeks. You can reschedule payments up to 3 times, with no additional interest charges. Sezzle does impose fees if you do not make a payment on time or if you reschedule your payment for the second or third time. However, it’s a good service to utilize when shopping at small or large businesses and even businesses that are yet to partner with Afterpay.

This app is also available for both iOS and Android users.



With Splitit, you can shop at a range of retail partners and then pay using the same four-payment increment structure used by many other pay later services. Splitit enables you to pay by installments by connecting your current credit or debit card to the service. This is yet another Afterpay alternative that does not charge interest. Splitit also does not charge any late fees.

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Splitit works with Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. As a result, it’ll work just about anywhere. Splitit is a wonderful alternative to Afterpay if you want to shop at a retailer that isn’t associated with Afterpay.

Splitit app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Afterpay alternatives like these let you make purchases you otherwise wouldn’t be able to or allow you to spread app payments out over time to suit your budget better. You don’t have to worry about accruing debt because most of these apps offer a low or zero interest rate. Thanks to these Apps like Afterpay, it’s now feasible to pay later for almost anything, online or in-store. You’ll be able to enjoy your new goods in no time if you follow the proper procedure for each service.

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