10 Apps like Apple Pay for Android

Thanks to the ongoing world events, people are more hesitant than ever to make physical contact with others. One of the benefits of this has been the fast-track of cashless payment apps. Apple Pay has, for the longest time, been the forerunner when people think of paying without a card or cash. If you don’t have an Apple product, however, you may be surprised to know that there are some very real and very good alternatives available. Below, we’ve gone over 10 apps like Apple Pay for Android and non-Apple users.

Apps like Apple Pay for Android


Google Pay was already a super-effective app that was impressive all on its own. Now, after revamping itself, the new and improved app takes many of those perks and benefits and doubles down on them. Not only is Google Pay simply better than Apple Pay functionally, it’s realistically the best payment app on the market to date. From using it to pay at all of your favorite places, to being able to instantly send and receive money, to even breaking down your spending to improve your financial health, there isn’t anything on its level.


Samsung’s answer to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay (albeit not as catchy) is every bit as compelling and effective as the Apple alternative. You can use this to send money to others, pay at checkout, and even use in place of a registered credit or gift card. What’s great is that you can still get all of the rewards points you’d otherwise have if you used your credit card. If you’ve got a Samsung device, this is the ideal app for you.

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Meant more as a method for making sales and giving customers a way to pay via card or with their own cashless device, Square is the ideal app for small businesses and people that want to sell things to card owners. The app also lets you go over your past sales, what your inventory is, as well as analytics and eCommerce sales, making it pretty much one-stop-shop for people interested in starting a retail business.


Like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, Paypal is one of the heavy-hitters that needs to be on any money-related list. Most people already know everything there is to say about the platform, but for the few that don’t, here’s a quick rundown of there many features. Not only can you send and receive funds from friends and family through it (statewide or international) but you can also purchase directly through the site as well as run your business through it. PayPal has some of the more reasonable fees on expedited costs, while they can often have smaller amounts sent to you within 24 hours completely for free.

Simply put, it’s a must-have for anyone looking for a banking app, regardless of whether you want an alternative to Apple Pay or not.


Fairly fun and overall useful, Loop Wallet lets you handle all of your financial needs with convenience and simplicity. Loop lets you handle all payments cashless (just like Apple Pay) and makes it so that you can send funds to others.


Ask virtually anyone, and they know all about Venmo. It’s legitimately one of the most popular and useful apps for sending and receiving funds. Not only that, but it makes a point of being super social and a bit fun to send or receive funds to or from other people. Many establishments have actually begun recognizing Venmo as a legitimate method of carrying funds. As a result, it isn’t surprising if you paid your rent through Venmo or received your monthly paystub through the app.

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Passbook is a really useful banking mobile app that has a ton of uses and perks. You can use the app to put together and organize your different passes as well as transfer money out internationally. The process for setting up your account is pretty simple and they don’t have any fees or minimum deposits to worry about when spending internationally. You can also use the app without presenting your social security number or doing a credit check or review of your immigration status. This opens the app up to a lot more people than virtually any other on this list.


Pass2U Wallet comes with a good number of features that make it really compelling. Not only do they give you a few options that are similar to Apple Pay specifically, but it also lets you put together several passes and coupons to reduce your price when buying things online or at certain retail stores.


A great entry-level option for those that want a simple way of transferring money from person-to-person. Cash App makes a point of making spending, investing, sending, and saving money as simple and as easy as possible. In fact, they are one of the few options that allow you to directly turn your funds into stocks or cryptocurrency.


Last on the list is Xoom Money Transfer. This app works a bit different from the others as its main goal is to transfer money out from one country to another. While all of these apps have that as a feature (to varying degrees), Xoom takes this to another level by granting upwards of $25,000 per transaction. They offer 24/7 fraud monitoring and transaction protection and are PayPal affiliated, meaning you can expect the same level of protection and ease of use.

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So there you have it. If you’ve always been a fan of Androids or simply never liked Apple, these apps are ready and available, all having a lot of benefit and merits that make them definitely worth your time.

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