10 Apps like Audacity for Android

Whether you’re a professional sound editor or not, you’ve probably at least heard of the software, Audacity. It is a free open-source sound recording and editing software most often used to record music, lectures, podcasts, and all other audio content for creators. Still, despite its popularity and long-standing existence in the online space, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or even necessarily the best option out there. Below, we’ve found 10 alternative platforms that work just as good as Audacity, if not a little better. Check them out and see for yourself that Audacity isn’t the only (or even best) game in town.

Apps like Audacity for Android


An impressive alternative to Audacity in all the right ways. This app is often used by professionals for mastering, recording, and editing their tracks. WaveEditor is able to support an impressive number of of files as well as a pretty large number of file types, making audio format conversion possible no matter how it initially starts out.


Originally called Super Sound, Music Editor does everything you want and need in an audio editor, from cutting and splicing audios, to performing mixes and trims as well as combining audio files. You can also tweak the audio speed and volume as well, essentially giving you full mastery over your music. There are a ton more features as well (audio-video extraction, voice changing, etc.) but that would spoil all the great things this app has to offer.


If you were likely to be a fan of WaveEditor, you’ll certainly fall in love with WavePad and what it has in store. Like WaveEditor, WavePad is a pretty impressive equivalent to Audacity, offering pretty much the same types of professional capabilities. It can be used for bulk processing, sound compression, scrubbing, spectral analysis and more! For those interested in putting in music and voice in a video or recording, WavePad does that too.

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As the name implies, this app is a double threat, letting you cut up and edit MP3 tracks as well as coming with the specifically added effect of making a ringtone. Just understand that this is not meant for the heavy-duty professionalism that the other apps were and is pretty much only meant to slice and splice things. And while that may seem like a bummer, the fact that it’s complete free should also say something, especially if you don’t need a lot done.


While not quite on the same level as some of the others on this list, MixPad is super useful option that is free and easy to use. Not only that, but it also offers a lot of professional-adjacent features like professional recording levels as well as professional mixing. This means that you can put together music and songs as well as create podcasts without nearly as much additional equipment.


A great alternative to Audacity, AudioLab is used both for recording as well as editing. Though it doesn’t support all of the different audio formats, it does support all of the major ones (and a few alternatives as well). This means you’re going to pretty much have all of the features you’ll need unless you’re trying to put something particularly complex or professional sounding together. Even things like removing unintended noises or merging multiple audio files is available here really giving you a good bang for your buck.


If you’re a music creator that’s just starting out, you’ll absolutely love what Music Maker Jam has available for you. This simple and easy-to-use app works by making simple to moderate beats while not going particularly excessive or difficult as it pertains to the skill level. You’ll be able to put together remixes of any kind with its 500,000 loop styles and 300 different mix packs.

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When you consider that this is something thrown on an app and used with a tablet and not your laptop, it’s really kind of impressive.


Lexis Audio Editor is impressive, not in terms of having a ton of features and options, but because of its simplicity and the fact that you can quickly throw a mix together regardless of your skill level. If you compare it strictly to Audacity, Lexis will come up short in a lot of areas. However, it prides itself more on having a low barrier to entry and being great for starters and beginners to get their feet wet while helping intermediate and advance whip up a serviceable edit in only a few minutes.


A mobile recording studio and audio editor all in one, Voloco is hugely popular, helping put together singers, musicians, content creators, and other sound-based performers. It has been especially well-liked by rappers and singers. Voloco works by determining your track’s key before tuning the sound of your voice to that. This essentially turns you into the latest and greatest auto-tune singer all from your smartphone or tablet.


Meant to help musicians and recorders put together a list of songs that they want to practice performing to. The app also lets you tweak the speed and pitch of the track before doing anything. Riff Studio also lets you play with a sound’s pitch without doing anything to its speed, which can lead to some really cool sounds when being played.


Audacity is a great option, 100%. There’s a reason so many people think of it when they think of sound and recording sounds. Still, the reality is that it’s not the only option out there. Take a look at the different apps listed and see if you can find something that you’ll particularly love.

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