10 Apps like Audiolab for iPhone

For those interested in learning how to make the most of their sound, several apps will help you do just that. Many allow you to control your audio, including infinite possibilities for mixing multiple sounds and manipulating what you hear. The Audiolab app is a great place where iPhone users can start to learn about audio. Audiolab is a great little app packed with features for those interested in learning about sound. There are many apps like Audiolab for iPhone you can try out.

Apps like Audiolab for iPhone


If you have heard of apps like ios recorder, you might be interested in this one. This app lets you record up to a minute and a half of your voice or even music of your choice. It includes features that allow you to add stems, loops, or even loop beats to your recordings. The app has an overdrive effect that automatically adds distortion to your audio once the recording is finished. It also includes two other editing effects: a wacky filter and a delay effect.


This app allows you to create beautiful yet sometimes eerie visual presentations of your music. You can easily make your animations or even choose from some other users’ designs. The app includes a variety of different designs and themes to choose from. You can use the app’s score to create an animated soundtrack or its built-in music animation. You will be able to add video, too, but you will have to record your video.

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This one is very similar to the original Audiolab app for iPhones. This app has been around for a while but is still updated regularly. A lot of users like the user-friendly interface and the sound that it provides. It will give a good experience as you learn how to get even better sound from your music. It also loads relatively quickly, and it is also easy to use. It also comes with a dual-stereo environment, which means you can play two separate files of your music at the same time.


This is another app that allows you to create your visualizations. This one is a bit more involved, though, and you will need to take some time to learn how best to use it. IThe “music” part of the app comes from working best with music with vocals or lyrics that are easy to understand. It will provide you with a good, professional image of your music. The app also has other features, too; such as the ability to adjust the background and foreground colors.


It has so many great features it is hard even to list them all here. You will get access to the ability to record instruments, vocals, singing and speaking voices, sound effects, and more. You can also add various background noises and effects, such as rain or wind. This app is another one that includes several different themes that you can download. The app is also very user-friendly and easy to use. The app will also save your recordings in AC3 format, which you can use with audio editing programs like iMovie.

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This is another app with a massive list of features. It is a good choice for a comprehensive audio editing package. It will allow you to use sound effects, loops, and more. You can add to the audio file by adding products, fade-ins and fade-outs, and other unique products. You can choose from several different themes as well. The app can also be configured for specific audio devices, so it is a good choice for those who want to ensure it will work well with their sound system.


This is another app that allows you to create your music videos and add them to the music you have. It is also similar to the original Audiolab app for iPhones, but it is still updated and provides users with an excellent app for those who want to learn about sound and how it works. You can use this one for learning, or you can use it just for fun. Either way, the app gives users a great way of getting even more involved in the audio experience.


This app is also a good choice for those interested in learning about audio. It is another very user-friendly app that lets you know how to record and manipulate sounds. You can use various effects, such as delay, chorus, noise discount, and wacky filter effects. There are also several other editing options that you can use, such as fade-ins and fade-outs. You will also be able to adjust the sound balance and check the bit rate of your files.

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It is another app with many different features, including changing the speed of your audio recordings or the pitch. You can use several other effect options such as echo, wah-wah, and reverse effects too. It is another versatile app that allows you to create creative audio recordings.


This app is a good choice if you have an iPod touch and want to be able to edit your audio files. Since it is for the iPod touch, it will cost less than downloading a full-blown app for your computer. This one is also easy to use and includes many professional-sounding effects. It comes with the ability to adjust the tempo of files or change their pitch, too. You can also add acoustics to your audio tracks or make them sound robotic if you want.


There are many different places that you can go to get audio editing software. Some are free, while others will cost money. Many of them can be quite extensive; they will have the ability to allow you to record much more than just audio from your iPod. However, there are those apps that are very limited in their functionality. Even so, it would help if you used what you have available and look for something easy to learn and use.

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