10 Apps like BeeTV for Android

Apps like Beetv for Android are a dime a dozen. Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother is coming up with the next best thing in mobile entertainment. Most apps are looking to be the following best, though it might be hard to make a decision on which one to select. However, the apps in this list have been put together similar to Beetv! We hope you find a suitable app for your needs through our research and recommendations.

Apps like BeeTV for Android

1. Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV is a free app for rooted devices. It is similar to beetv in that it has both an on-demand and live streaming service. The app includes original Netflix content and thousands of hours of content from other unique sources such as HBO, Hulu, Amazon, and Showtime. You can access many of the same types of movies via the app: family-friendly animations, classics, comedies, documentaries and more.

2. Cinema APK

This app is a free app for rooted devices. The app also offers a wide variety of content from all popular streaming services. You can even stream your content in this app! Bottom line, this app has plenty of excellent content available to choose from, and it works great on pretty much any screen size, including smartphones and tablets. The movies have a great selection of subtitles to choose from as well, thus allowing you to watch content from every country around the globe.

3. Movie HD

The app is free, and it’s available on all Android devices. The app has over 8,500 movies, allowing you to watch them without an internet connection. Also, you can even download all of the content to your device, so you can enjoy watching it even when you don’t have an internet connection. The app offers some of the latest released movies, the classics, and new shows, thanks to the partnerships with Netflix and HBO.

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4. Morph TV

Morph TV is a free app for rooted devices. This is another app that offers hundreds of hours of content from all of the most popular streaming services. Some great features include offline viewing, personalized recommendations and even live TV! So this app is probably best suited for movie or television addicts. This app has a 5-star rating in the Google Play Store, which is popular with users. It’s compatible with Android devices, so pick your favorite and start streaming!

5. Relax TV

it is a free app for rooted devices. It has an impressive catalogue of movies and television shows from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Most users report that this app works better than the official Netflix app, though there is positive feedback about the official Netflix app for Android as well. This may be because Relax TV does not require an internet connection to use. It allows access to a wide range of content and is simple.

6. CucoTV

This is a free app for rooted devices as well. CucoTv offers access to more than 1700 channels, including professional sports and TV shows. Users who have reviewed the app give it a rating of 4 stars out of 5. The app works on many devices, including smart TVs and media players. There are no limits to how much content you can stream, and the users seem to enjoy the simplicity of this app. it’s compatible with many televisions, allowing you to watch content from your smartphone or tablet on your television screen.

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7. FilmPlus APK

The app is free, and it’s an app for rooted devices. It’s the most rated app. The app allows you to watch many TV shows, including family-friendly content, horror and thriller flicks, classic movies and more. There are also hundreds of films available on IMDB. You can add films to your favorite list or create custom playlists to help you decide what to watch next. You can still use it even if you are offline, and the app will keep track of shows for you.

8. MovieBox VIP APK

It is the newly released app, and it’s very much hit among Android users. It is one of the most recommended apps for movie streaming, and users vouch for its quality in numerous reviews on Google Play Store. This app has many movies, including Indian Movies, Hollywood action films, and Bollywood blockbusters. The user interface is beautiful with simple and attractive graphic design. You will love it because of this feature. You can use it on various devices, including tablets, smartphones and other devices.

9. Flixoid APK

The online app is free for rooted devices. This app allows you to watch thousands of films and TV shows from primary streaming servers. The user interface is simple, so even if you haven’t used an app like this before, the interface should be easy enough to use. It allows you to search by actor, director and title name. You can pin someone on your favorite list to easily access their films when you need to. Also, you can update a playlist of your favorite to enjoy watching again and again.

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10. Videomix

Videomix is a free app for rooted devices. The app has excellent ratings from users in the Google Play Store and is a hit. You can watch films, television shows and even music videos for free on this app, which has an attractive user interface that should be easy to use. It boasts over 9 million titles, including films, documentaries and TV shows. You can save your favorites to your list so you can access them more efficiently whenever you feel like it. It is compatible with most devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The apps mentioned in the above list are the best streaming apps for Android that you must use. You can easily download them for free and start using them. This android video streaming app is not only for movies but also for sports and music videos as well. So download these apps without wasting time and start streaming your favorite videos on your smartphone and tablet.

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