10 Apps like Canva for Android

Canva has become famous among android users because of its graphic designing, photo editing, and video editing capabilities. Before downloading Canva, look at some apps like Canva for android users. We have shortlisted 10 such apps so that you have plenty of alternatives to Canva that you can try out.

Apps like Canva for Android

1. Video Editor & Maker

Video Editor & Maker by InShot allows you to edit videos and photos. It also allows you to edit photos and videos for Instagram directly. Whether you want to perform basic functions like trimming, cutting or adding music, or something more advanced, it has various features.

Since it does not have any time limits, you can also edit longer videos. With many professional features available, you won’t have to worry about using a paid video editor to edit your photos.

2. Godaddy Studio

Godaddy Studio is an app that can help you make social media content more beautiful. It enables you to create logos, Instagram stories, social media posts, and more.

With a simple interface, you can use this one even if you haven’t used a photo or video editor before on your android phone. It offers you over 600 fonts along with numerous templates. Consequently, you can use these templates if you do not want to create something from scratch. Apart from that, it helps you with video creation, which means creating immersive content with this app is possible.

That is why; it is one of the best alternatives to Canva for android users.

3. VIMAGE 3D live photo animation

The app we are speaking about now provides you with various presets, filters, and overlays to make your photos more aesthetically pleasing. It works with gifs as well.

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The numerous 3-D motion effects it offers ensure you can make your photos more immersive. You can take live photos and edit them as well. It certainly means that you can attract your audience and increase interaction with the help of this app. Not only that, the fact that it allows you to edit live photos makes it better than Canva. With numerous animation effects available, you can improve your photos multifold.

4. VistaCreate

VistaCreate is a graphic designer editor. It is one of the few apps offering more than 100,000 templates. Professional designers make these templates and can help you create attractive photos in no time.

If you’re looking for a Canva alternative with attractive templates, you can choose this one. Apart from the templates, it offers you various effects, filters, and even animation. All of this in a simple interface ensures that you need not spend hours editing photos or making them more attractive.

5. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a bit unique compared to some of the other apps on this list. It is an alternative to the creation process which Canva offers. You can sketch, paint, or draw using this app. With various customizable tools, you won’t have to do everything by hand.

The ability to add or modify layers, use guides, stroke tools, and various types of brushes make it better than Canva when it comes to drawing or sketching. Thus, if you like the creativity aspect of Canva, you will undoubtedly love this app.

6. PhotoRoom Studio

PhotoRoom Studio is an app that can help you edit photos, optimize them, and even design them using numerous templates they have on offer. Apart from the essential functions like cropping and removing the background, it can help you do much more.

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If you’re looking for a versatile alternative to Canva for your photos, go with this one. With its magical retouch button, you can remove the details you want. Because of the same, it is perfect for creating photos for social media, e-commerce stores, and even portrait photography.

7. Desygner

Desygner android app has become famous because it allows you to not only edit photos but create flyers, infographics, book covers, and much more. With over 1 million layouts, there is no dearth of templates that you can use right away.

The key features include resize, animation editor, background remover, etc. Apart from this, it allows you to edit photos and graphics in more ways than one. Choose this app over others when looking for a tool that can work for photos and various other types of graphics.

8. Picsart Animator

Picsart Animator is famous because it can help you make cartoon videos, animated GIFs, and even doodles. It allows you to work on your animations on the frame by frame basis. Consequently, even if you want to edit the most basic detail, it can help you with it.

The drawing and sketching interface means that if you want to create something independently, that is a possibility. With the ability to do voice-overs and record sounds, if you want to add audios to your gifs, or videos, you can do that from this app. The excellent level of customization that this app offers makes it better than many others.

9. Kriadl

Kriadl helps you create logos, arts, social media posts, flyers, wallpapers, etc. The list is pretty much endless. The reason why it can help you with all of these is because of the 2500+ templates that it offers.

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Besides these templates, it also works as a video editor. It means that you can deal not only with photos but also videos. It has the basic features like adding fonts, adding backgrounds, resizing logos, advanced ones like retouching an aspect of the photos, etc. It is another great versatile app if you want to edit photos or videos on your android phone.

10. FocoDesign

FocoDesign can help you create posters, cards, logos and retouch your own photos. With excellent technology Incorporated, enhancing the look of your photos is easy with this app. It offers various templates that can help you with social media image creation. Besides that, it can help you create e-commerce images.

Apart from being a great photo editor, it has a video maker. That is why, if you want to create short videos, this app can help you out. It can work with various file types like GIFs, clips, and stickers. Thus, consider this app if you’re looking for an all-in-one alternative to Canva.


These are the best apps like Canva for android. Instead of going with Canva, you can download any of these depending on your requirement, and you won’t be disappointed with the editing features, templates, and photo-enhancing skills these apps offer. Most of them help you tinker videos, making them the perfect alternative to Canva.

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