10 Apps Like Cinema HD For Android

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about online streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ and increase in prices that they’re likely to have. Netflix in particular is dealing with a lot of backlash after announcing a restriction on password sharing. Thankfully, there are great options out there like Cinema HD to give people their online fix of content at little or no cost.

If you’ve already used Cinema HD in the past, or don’t have access to it for one reason or another, you may want to consider checking out some alternatives out there. Below, we’ve put together 10 apps like Cinema HD for Android devices so that you can watch many of your favorite shows in the comfort of your phone.

Apps Like Cinema HD For Android


An interesting starter to this list (but one I immediately thought of) is Emmanuel TV. This is a Christian religious platform that allows you to stream live and recorded shows. It’s great for people that want to engage in content that isn’t too violent or graphic, though may be a bit on the preachy side for others.


Another strong contender as the ideal alternative to Cinema HD, VivaLive TV is a globally-based company that connects content and distributors directly from them to you, all while at a very reasonable monthly subscription cost. While it’s not on the level of Netflix or Disney+, they do have a lot to offer and are definitely a channel you’ll want to check out. Not only is their content quality, but their menu options are crisp and well put-together so you’re never in question on what to do next.

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If you want something that has a super high-quality interface and design, look no further than Stremio. This video streaming app lets you watch and organize videos from various content providers, including movies and TV shows. In addition, this also includes video channels online like YouTube or Twitch. Since the content is pulled and aggregated from numerous places, you can always be sure you’ll get something good.


Another alternative that really does its job surprisingly well, Plex has a fairly extensive library of content ready for you. What makes its ever better is the fact that all of it is HD quality. They have over 200 live channels while never asking you to sign a subscription or make any payments. They source films from high-end studios like A24, Paramount, AMC, Lionsgate, and so many more. It’s got a pretty smooth interface and feels like something worth a whole lot more than “free”.


If anyone knows Kodi, they know that it’s got to be on this list somewhere. Not only are they one of the more reliable options to choose from, but they can pretty much stand in as the replacement for just about any of the other alternatives as well as Cinema HD. They have a pretty impressive list of movies and TV shows while also giving you tons of sports channels and live TV to watch. Because they are open-source, you can expect pretty regular and routine updates, making them even more invaluable.


Syncler’s byline is “One App to rule them all”. If that doesn’t let you know this is legit, I really don’t know what will. Running on provider packages, various services, and more, Syncler really does act as the one-man army app, as you’re able to add third-party packages to it to expand their already impressive list of movies. If you want some of the more premium options, you’ll need to pay, but that is to be expected for movies and shows that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to watch outside of the big name streaming services.

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A legitimate option when compared to Cinema HD and some of the other alternatives on this list, BEE TV gives a pretty decent library of movies and Tv shows to watch. In addition, they are one of the rare options available that also makes a point of including several anime options. Their built-in subtitle feature is also excellent, as watching Japanese or Spanish content can be done without worry of mistranslations or bad timing. Content is updated pretty regularly so you’ll always have something to watch.


Originally a juggernaut when it came to free tv and movies for streaming, Pluto TV has 100s of tv channels available and literally 1,000s of different movies and TV shows you can stream. Not only that, but they also have 45 available channels for Spanish speakers. It includes a good number of ads that you’ll need to be ok with, but when you consider just how much free content you’re getting, I’d say it’s not too bad of a trade.


A really great option that’s been around for a long time and offers you films for absolutely free, FilmRise has an impressive library of movies and tv shows while also offering them out to you in HD quality. They don’t ask you to store any details or make any form of payment, so you really get all of this content at no charge. It’s kind of crazy.

10. TUBI

We’ve all seen the Tubi app when going through the app store. For the longest time, I was never all that interested in it and would simply just ignore it. It was only a few months ago when I decided to check it out that saw why this thing is so incredibly popular. Not only does it give you access to thousands of free movies and tv shows (a lot of them really good ones), but it does it completely legal and without the need to log any credit card information. There are ads, so you’ll have to deal with that, but otherwise it’s really rock-solid.

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Ultimately, while Cinema HD has a lot going for it, having a good set of backup options that you can quickly refer to is always good, especially on the off-chance that one or two get shutdown or an issue occurs. Be sure to check the bunch of them out so that you can find the app that works best for you and what you’re interested in.

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