10 Apps like Dropbox for Android

While Dropbox may have certainly pioneered cloud-based sharing, over the years, there have been numerous alternatives that have come out that not only far exceed their space options, but also give away a lot more for free and are a lot more agreeable. Below, we’ve found 10 amazing apps like Dropbox for Android devices, meaning you can take them with you just about anywhere you go.

10 Apps like Dropbox for Android


Starting our list off, we have MediaFire. This is a great option as it acts as a pretty reliable alternative to Dropbox in every way that matters. You get 10GBs for free and another 40GBs if you connect it to your social media, which is really cool all on its own. The platform also offers unlimited downloads and download bandwidth as well as the ability to upload multiple files at once.

There are two additional features. The first is the 1TB plan, which costs $7.50 a month. The other is the Business plan, which gives up to 100TB of storage at the price of $80 a month. A bit pricey, but it also gets all of the professional benefits including branding and high-security logs.


Certainly a legit runner-up if there ever was one, we all know about Google Drive at least a little. Not only is it one of the most popular cloud storage apps available, but it gives you some of the most space for free. In addition, the app offers a ton of different document and spreadsheet presentations to make file viewing easier. The app is also great as it gives you pretty much an unlimited amount of video and photo backups.

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If 15GBs isn’t enough, you can subscribe to the paid version for $29.99 per month, which gives you over 30TB.


While not quite on the same level as Google Drive, MEGA is a great option that is definitely worth considering. The platform gives you 50 GB for free. If that’s not enough, they also offer over 200GB for only $5 a month and 4TB for just $30 a month. In addition, it comes with a ton of fun and useful features like “drag-and-drop”, video streaming, and cross-device sharing.


OneDrive by Microsoft is another super useful storage platform that is ideal for holding files and documents. They give 5GBs for free and 50GBs for $2/per month. This option is really only ideal for those that have a ton of paperwork that they need stored away, as there isn’t a huge amount of space or focus given to videos, photos, or music.


A great option for those that need to put their stuff on a standard storage bank, IDrive lets you secure and backup your data. This backup even includes and supports Facebook or Instagram backups. The free version is around 5GBs of space while the paid jumps up to 1TB for $52.12 for the year.

The biggest selling point is the fact that it is heavily encrypted, ensuring your information is safe and that only you are able to access it, which is a huge factor for a lot of cloud-based users.

6. BOX

Another useful option that many will love, Box is a cloud storage app that is entirely free. This app allows the users over 10GBs of data at no cost while allowing complete access and control through either Android or PC. The app also features note-taking, a surefire way of recording any notes or ideas that come to you in the middle of the day.

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The one downside is that they don’t have quite as much storage as the others on this list, not stretching past 100GBs despite others giving nearly that much away for free.


If you’re a huge fan of Amazon Prime (who isn’t?) then this is something you’ll really love. Amazon Drive is a great starter option for many people who are looking for a simple jump from Dropbox to something else. They offer 5GBs entirely for free, with unlimited media file backups.

Amazon Drive also offers 24/7 support and allows you to share all of your documented files (music, videos, pictures, etc.) even after being uploaded to the cloud. If 5GBs isn’t enough for you, you can switch unlimited storage for only $60 a year.


A legitimately awesome option, pCloud gives some of the most advanced and secure features of any cloud-based storage features. On top of offering 10GBs of storage for free and $47.88/year for 500GBs and $95.88/year for 2TBs of storage, the Swiss-based platform gives complete privacy and encryption, ensuring even they don’t have access to your content.


Sync.com is a useful alternative to Dropbox as it focuses on top-notch security and protection. The site is very user-friendly and offers different tiers of permission based on how much access you deserve. Guests, as an example, will have considerably more restrictions than hosts or admins.

You get 5GBs with storage for free to start with and upwards of 2 TB per month at the cost of only $8.


An option that lets you convert any of your documents into a link. The one drawback is that all of their options are paid options. This means you’re going to need to decide whether their basic paid plan can compete with many of the free options from other platforms on this list. For example, the first plan costs $10.42 per month and instantly gives you 100GBs as well as 5 separate devices.

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Though there are still some questions about cloud-based storage compared to things like USBs or external hard drives, that doesn’t negate the fact that these platforms are incredibly useful and have a lot of real benefit to offer. If you’re not particularly married to Dropbox, check these different sites out and be amazed at just what some of them have to offer.

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