10 Apps like Dropbox for iPhone

Dropbox has become synonymous with cloud storage. Dropbox isn’t the only cloud storage app you can use from your iPhone. There are many other apps like dropbox. We will cover the ten Best apps like dropbox for iPhone users below to help you understand which other cloud storage services you can use.

Apps like Dropbox for iPhone

1. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service accessible across all iOS devices. It offers protected cloud storage along with automatic sync. That is why, when you upload files from your iPhone, they will be synced across all the devices.

To start with, you get 5 GB of free cloud storage. Also, you can store any files like photos, documents, videos, etc. You can also set the app for automatic backup. That way, you won’t have to manually backup everything. It is an excellent alternative to dropbox.

2. Sugarsync

Sugarsync allows you to backup music files, photos, documents, etc. The app also offers you excellent security, ensuring your files are safe. With the help of automatic syncing, it is also easy to sync the files across all the devices.

If you want to remotely wipe out the data when you lose your iPhone, that feature is also available. You can collaborate with other team members, which further makes it easy to share files. All these features certainly make it a worthy alternative to dropbox.

3. Terabox

Terabox offers you 1024 GB of free cloud storage space. It also allows you to transfer files across devices and even share them with your family and friends. Consequently, it becomes easier to not only store the files but share the files as well.

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With multiple privacy protection protocols in place, your files are entirely safe. You can upload multiple files at once, ensuring that you won’t have to wait for long to upload files from your iPhone. These features make it a great choice to store your files and photos.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy to store files on the cloud. The simple interface of the app certainly makes it easy to use. Apart from that, the intelligent search feature ensures that discovering your files is certainly possible.

A unique feature of this cloud storage app is that you can view your files offline. Consequently, even in areas with bad reception, you can view the files. You can set permissions for individual files and folders, which will allow you to control access to the files. The excellent security, and offline access features certainly makes Google Drive a better option than dropbox.

5. Degoo

Degoo offers 100 GB of free storage space to upload your files and folders. The app uses excellent encryption, ensuring your files and folders are entirely safe.

A unique feature of this cloud app is that it creates three copies of your files and folders. Because of the same, your files and folders will be safe even if a single server develops a problem. Automatic synchronization is available. You need not worry about manually uploading the files. With all these features, it is certainly a cloud storage app you cannot ignore.

6. pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage service with no limitations on the file size. That is why, even if you want to store full HD files, you can do so. To start with, you get 10GB of free storage space after the signup. Apart from that, you can also upgrade your plan to 2 TB of storage space.

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Whether you want to upload documents, videos, or photos, you can do that easily. Sharing your files with friends and relatives is certainly easy. You can keep everything organized using folders which is another advantage. The 10GB of free storage space and the clean interface make it a good choice.

7. Box

The box allows you to securely connect to the cloud storage service from your iPhone. Apart from photos and videos, it allows you to upload files like notes, audio recordings, etc. You can scan the content and upload it seamlessly.

The search interface is pretty powerful, ensuring that when you’re looking for the files, you can find them in no time. 10GB of free cloud storage means that you can start storing your files right away. Thus, if you’re looking for a cloud storage app that supports multiple types of files, go with this one.

8. IceDrive

IceDrive is another cloud storage service that provides automatic backup of your photos, videos, and other files on your iPhone. Sharing those files with your family and friends is easy. Strong encryption means that the files are extremely secure.

You can stream videos directly when you want to access videos from your cloud storage account. The app facilitates that. With 10GB of free storage space, plenty of space is available for everyone. The streaming feature and ample storage space make it a reliable choice.

9. Amazon Drive

Uploading the files to your Amazon Drive account is extremely easy. Amazon Drive is compatible with many different file formats which you might have on your iPhone. Also, you can secure your cloud storage account remotely even if your iPad or iPhone is lost.

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A unique feature of this cloud storage service is that you get links to share with others directly. You can even attach the files to your emails or text messages. Consider this option when you’re looking for a simple cloud storage alternative to dropbox.

10. Tresorit

Tresorit is a cloud storage service that offers end-to-end encryption. Besides this feature, the fact that it works on any iOS device makes it perfect for Apple users. That is why, if you’re looking for an extremely safe alternative to dropbox, consider this option.

Whether you want to back up the photos or any other file, the cloud storage device is compatible with various file formats. It supports two-factor authentication and par score, which helps you secure the file. The excellent security on offer and compatibility with all iOS devices make it a reliable choice.


There is no need to count only on dropbox to store files and folders from your iPhone. Simply go with any of these apps like dropbox for iPhone, and you won’t have to worry about space on your iPhone. With automatic uploading available on many of these apps, you won’t have to manually upload the photos or files. Now is the time to expand the storage of your iPhone with the help of these cloud storage apps.

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