10 Apps like Excel for Android

Microsoft Excel can help you organize a lot of data. That doesn’t mean excel is the only solution for organizing information. If you’re looking for apps like excel for android, fortunately, there are quite a few alternatives. Today, we will share with you 10 apps like excel for android. Rather than using Excel, you can use any of these apps.

Apps like Excel for Android

1. Google sheets

Google sheets is one of the best excel alternatives on android. You can work with your team members in real-time on the same sheets. Not only that, but since most sheets are stored on the cloud, you can access them from anywhere.

With formulas and most functionalities of excel available, you can organize data quite easily when you’re using Google sheets. The dark mode ensures that if you want to work on a sheet for long hours, there will be no eye-strain either. That is why it is the top excel alternative for android users.

2. Table Notes

Table Notes is a spreadsheet editor for freelancers, professionals, and enterprise owners. The design of this app is such that it will provide you with an easy to view interface for the entire spreadsheet. It has a PC interface as well. That way, whether you want to view the spreadsheet or edit it, you can do all that and more.

It also allows you to enter addresses, phone numbers, date-time, and drop-down menus directly into the spreadsheet. You can enter photos from your camera or your gallery. That way, it integrates various functions of your android smartphone into the spreadsheets. Such functionality is hardly present in any other spreadsheet editors, which is why it is a worthy alternative to excel for android users.

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3. WPS Office

WPS Office app allows you to easily access Word, PDF, and Excel files from a single app. Because of the same, it becomes easy to edit the spreadsheets.

In case you want to create new spreadsheets, it allows you that as well. You can save the file in Excel or convert the format as well. Since it is compatible with most other spreadsheet managers, you can open this file on another device and software. The cross-compatibility and the conversion ability of the spreadsheet manager certainly make it a good alternative to excel.

4. Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet allows you to create spreadsheets to simultaneously work upon by other users. The app is compatible with android tablets as well as smartphones.

You can easily create data records, print the spreadsheets, and perform data validation using the spreadsheets. It offers you various types of formulas as well to arrange the data or process the same. With all the functionalities of excel available, it is indeed an excel alternative that you cannot ignore.

5. Spreadsheet Editor

Spreadsheet Editor is a great app for creating spreadsheets. You can name the columns, input the data, and so on. It also has an image-to-Excel converter, which makes it easy for you to create a spreadsheet from images.

If you have an existing spreadsheet, you can also open it in this app. With various sheet templates available, you won’t have to start from scratch when you want to use this app for creating excel. It is compatible with most spreadsheet formats which is another reason to go for it. All in all, this excel alternative won’t disappoint you.

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6. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is the app you should go with if you want a single app to manage PPT, excel, and doc files. You can input data, edit the existing data or create a new spreadsheet. With all spreadsheet extensions compatible, there will be no need to convert files from one format to another.

Apart from that, direct compatibility with various cloud services ensures that you can do that without much worry if you want to save the spreadsheets to cloud services. That will help you share the spreadsheets with others. If you need a versatile alternative to excel for android, download this app today.

7. OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is an app that supports Word documents, Google documents, OpenOffice documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and so on. The advanced security this app provides ensures that all your data is entirely safe. Compatibility with cloud services makes it easy to upload files.

It is certainly possible if you want to convert the file or save it under a different extension. The interface is designed for mobile, so editing is possible and easy. That is what makes it such a good excel alternative.

8. Office Reader

The fact that this app works with excel files, PDFs, and Word documents makes it an excellent choice. Also, it is compatible with most spreadsheet extensions. That is why conversion of the file won’t be needed.

With most excel features available, you won’t have to worry about reduced functionality when using this app for the excel spreadsheet. You can open and work on files without an Internet connection. It means you can manage spreadsheets anywhere worldwide, even without an Internet connection.

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9. Xlsx File Viewer

If you are only looking for an app to open existing spreadsheets, you can go with the Xlsx File Viewer. True to its name, it can easily open Excel files on your android smartphones. Working on spreadsheets offline is also possible.

Whether your excel file consists of graphs, charts, are just numbers and letters, it supports all that and more. Thus, if you only want to view an excel file, this is a worthy excel alternative.

10. SmartOffice

SmartOffice allows you to review spreadsheets and edit them as well. You can even create spreadsheets. With one drive support, saving spreadsheets directly on the cloud as possible.

It is one of the very few excel alternatives with a dark mode. Apart from that, it works with most MS office files. This app’s versatility is why it is on this list.


No longer do you need to rely on excel to open spreadsheets. You can use these apps like excel for android to not only read existing spreadsheets but also edit them, create new spreadsheets, and so on. The applications of these apps are endless. Download one of these apps like excel for android today and work on spreadsheets from anywhere.

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