8 Apps like Excel for iPhone

Sometimes you need the comfort of being able to work from anywhere without necessarily needing your desktop or laptop. Several apps like excel are available on the Apple store and other platforms. Some apps are free to use, while others need purchasing to use. Excel alternatives come in various forms, some with basic spreadsheet functionality and others able to perform complex spreadsheet functions. Excel has been known to perform large tasks with great customized spreadsheets. However, Excel has a steep learning curve that may require you to seek an alternative. Some of the best options for Excel include:

Apps like Excel for iPhone

1. Google Sheets

It is one of the best alternatives to Excel. Google sheets are free to use on your iPhone. However, the app requires more extensive storage to function smoothly. With google sheets, you are not required to download any other app to start using google sheets. Google sheets are easy to use, with a step-by-step tutorial available on the platform. It has a formula tooltip to help you create satisfying and excellent spreadsheets. It is important to note that google sheets have fewer chart types than Excel. Another disadvantage is Charts created on Google Sheets are limited from editing outside the platform.

2. Apple Numbers

It is the official spreadsheet app for Apple devices. If the app is not pre-installed on your iPhone, you can download it on the Apple store. The app is free to use on your phone. Apple numbers have fewer features on your iPhone than those available on your MacBook devices. The app is easy to navigate with a clean and up-to-date interface. Apple numbers have limited features compared to excel. It is recommended for use on basic spreadsheet operations. The app is not compatible with complex data analysis on large data sets. It is easy to use.

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3. Zoho Sheets

Zoho Sheets is another excellent app like Excel and is also compatible with your iPhone. The app is free to use on your phone but takes up much space. It has many functions compared to other alternatives to excel with its intelligent features and tools. It is easy to import data when using Zoho Sheets. The disadvantage of Zoho Sheets is the number of charts on the platform, which are fewer than in Excel. Zoho Sheets is a bit complex for beginners, but once you master the trade, it is one of the best spreadsheet apps. You can also upload your work to the cloud-based storage available on Zoho Sheets.

4. Office Suite Docs

Office Suite docs are one the simplest and easy to use if you want to create and edit spreadsheets on your iPhone. The app has an inbuilt file manager to arrange and manage your work quickly. It is a general office app with other functionalities such as creating and editing Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files. It might not be the best if you are after a single-purpose app for spreadsheets only. Office Suite has basic features for spreadsheet applications and can’t handle complex and large data sets.

5. iSpreadsheet Free

It is one of the best spreadsheet apps you can use on your iPhone. The app is easy to use to create basic spreadsheets. It was designed to work excellently and run smoothly on iOS, making it an excellent choice for your iPhone. It is integrated with google docs; hence you can create spreadsheets in portrait and landscape formats. You can also simultaneously run multiple spreadsheets on the platform.

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6. Calc XLS

Calc XLS comes in two versions, free and paid versions. The app’s free version is mainly for essential spreadsheet functions, while the paid version comes with extra features to meet your spreadsheet needs. Even with the free version, you can almost perform major spreadsheet tasks such as creating, editing, and viewing spreadsheets in different formats, among other functions.

7. WPS Spreadsheet

WPS Spreadsheet is another free and simple-to-use spreadsheet tool. WPS Spreadsheet is a component of the larger WPS office. The app performs well when you are after creating quick and quality spreadsheets. It is recommended for essential spreadsheet functions and smaller data sets. It comes with an option to upgrade it to premium for more spreadsheet features and functions.

8. Libre Office

Libre Office is another alternative to excel that is free to use. The app is an open-source application you can download and install on your device. It is a non-profit initiative to avail easy to use and free software. One of the best features of Libre office spreadsheets is the ease of creating graphs. Libre Office can process large data sets. A notable shortcoming of the app is the outdated interface that has not gone through regular updates to meet new functionality wants. It has many features on the platform, making it a bit slow. You can, however, customize the app to meet your needs.


If you are looking for alternatives to Excel, then it is time you check out the above apps. The apps will help you meet your spreadsheet needs. Spreadsheets may seem complex on advanced apps like Excel, but you can now try simple alternatives that you can use on your iPhone. It is important to note that most spreadsheet apps compatible with your will mostly have basic features and are not efficient in handling complex and large data sets.

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