10 Apps like Google Earth for Android

One of the most magical things that our phones can do is provide us with a view of any place on Earth. We can go anywhere and see anything, all thanks to the universal gateway in our back pockets but what if Google Earth is not an option? This list of apps like google earth for android has got you covered. The ten apps listed below are more than enough to take care of your wanderlust and deliver you safely to where you need to be.

Apps like Google Earth for Android

1. World Map Atlas 2022

This app proudly states that its inspirations come from Oxford Atlas, not a bad place to get your ideas from. On offer is information and renders about more than two hundred and fifty countries around the world. Any piece of data that you could ever want including demographics, borders, waterways, roads, and railways are all made available to you. Served alongside some impressive 3D renders of the Earth and several of the major cities spread throughout.

2. Waze

Waze doesn’t just show you a location, it also tells you everything about it and how to get there in the most efficient way possible. Waze even has the cheapest fuel route option that gives you the best directions to maximize fuel efficiency. With its 3D renders of the Earth, you are more than welcome to venture out and see places that you never thought you could. Live traffic and warnings about where police may be located ensure that you stay safe on your travels.

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3. Map Quest

Another app on this list that may get a bad rap because of its name, Map Quest has one feature that easily makes it a Google Earth competitor. Map Quest gives you the ability to remotely view live traffic cams. This android app does provide you with satellite imagery that is up-to-date but you’ll forget all about that while viewing the live traffic cams. The live cams provide you with a lively experience, far better than anything Google Earth could ever offer.

4. Avenza

The best part about Avenza is that it strays away from satellite views of cities and instead focuses on giving you a view of the wilderness. This app is centered on providing you with maps and views of hiking trails and any similar off-road areas. If you ever get tired of the city and don’t want to use any of the other apps like google earth for android then this is your best bet. Avenza bravely brings the wilderness straight to your mobile phone and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg just to provide you with this privilege.

5. Yandex Maps

Yandex is a Russian-based company that provides its users with an internet browser but the best it has to offer is satellite imagery and renders of the planet Earth. Its renders of Earth are so detailed that it is been said that even the Russian military uses them for intelligence gathering. Yandex Maps superimposes several images in order to create these highly detailed renders and from these renders and satellite imagery, its maps are created. You can use the maps for reaching any place on Earth.

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6. HERE WeGo

Do real-time satellite imagery updates sound interesting to you? Because that is exactly what is on offer at Here WeGo. Originally starting out as a map and navigation app, recently many updates and plans have been drawn up that will add Earth rendering capabilities by layering images of the Earth’s several phases together in order to create a render that changes with the movement of the Sun. Here’s to hoping that it’ll be released soon.


With aerial photography and GIS data being used to power this little android app, much can be said about the features on offer. Of course, renders of the Earth which allow for viewing cities from multiple angles are still possible but you also get your traditional map and navigation features that we have come to expect from applications such as these.

8. OsmAnd

Don’t let the generic name in the title fool you. This android app is more than capable of bringing you everything that you are used to with Google Earth. With real-time updated maps and offline maps to choose from, you can catch sight of the world around you without ever having left your home. Best of all, with live traffic alerts and a built-in speedometer, should you decide to visit the places that you discover, you will be more than informed about the current situation.


The app title pretty much sums up everything that is on offer at this app. Impressive 3D renders of Earth that was created thanks to data that is constantly being received from satellites and satellite imagery. Using these super-imposed renders you can track weather patterns and create accurate forecasts about everything from sunny days to rain. Storms are best viewed from within this app, the 3D renders really lend themselves well to displaying swirling clouds from above and beyond. There is nothing quite like viewing the live 3D render of the Earth right from your palm.

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10. ArcGIS Field Maps

As would be suggested from this app’s name, GIS technology and data are the main driver behind the impressive displays that this app is capable of. The feature that really blows the competition out of the water is the ability to download renders for offline viewing. Now you can zip around cities without having to be connected to the world wide web. Simply the most impressive feature yet.

Now, having read this list of apps like google earth for android, you are all set to begin your adventure. Remember that many of the options listed above work offline which means that losing your signal does not mean losing your way. Go on and set forth, the world is meant to be explored and the apps above will provide you with the necessary trails.

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