5+ Apps like Instacart for shopping

Believe it or not, over time several applications have been created, Instacart is not the only application that offers grocery delivery in the country. Several applications, although they are not as recognized as the previous one, offer similar services.

Most of these services seek to deliver products on the same day or at most the next day and often allow you to schedule deliveries for a specific day, that is why we bring you this small list of Apps like Instacart:



Shipt is one of the main applications, like Instacart. Target is the owner of this type of service and delivers groceries from various stores, it also has a program where you can pay for a membership.

By joining Shipt you receive various benefits, from free deliveries of orders over a total amount.



If you are familiar with Amazon Prime, it is logical that you have heard about this application, where Amazon sends your food and more to the door of your home.

With AmazonFresh, you can order groceries online and have them delivered to your door. There is an additional delivery fee, if you order less than $ 50, thus seeking to minimize smaller orders.

The fees to use AmazonFresh are additional, different from the Amazon Prime membership. However, the service can be used even if you have your account in trial mode.


walmart grocery

You may have also heard of it, Walmart Grocery Pickup, it has been around for a while and its use is free, and in case you didn’t know you don’t have to go to Walmart for your groceries, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

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Knowing the grocery collection method, you can request items you need through the app or from the website. From there, you can simply choose the option you want, if you are going to pick it up or want it to arrive at your house, you just have to add your address, plus the day of delivery.



FreshDirect is another of the great alternatives of applications like Instacart, and that is that it does not have membership fees to use its services. While this app offers you the Delivery Pass, which costs a fee per year and also offers free delivery, you don’t need to join to use FreshDirect.

Assuming you don’t use the membership, shipping costs range from $ 5.95 to $ 15.95 for each order, with a minimum order of $ 31. FreshDirect doesn’t just offer you grocery delivery; if not it also offers you completely fast food deliveries from some restaurants. p



Last on this list of apps like instacart, is Peapod. As is the case with FreshDirect, it does not require you to join a special membership to use its services. Peapod allows you to use coupons from different manufacturers.

You can order fresh and organic products through their website. Peapod also makes next-day delivery to most of the territory, as well as even same-day delivery to select cities.

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