10 Apps like Musi for Android

Hey music lover! Do you own an android phone and are looking for some alternatives similar to Musi? Look no further, because you’re on the right page. Keep on reading to get to know more of the music apps available for android users.

Your favorite music videos can be saved as playlists, shared with friends, and many other things using Musi. Aside from Musi, there are many options for music streaming so discover the best Musi app alternatives today and stream your preferred song or video instantly online. Here is the list of 10 best apps similar to Musi for Android:

Apps like Musi for Android


YouTube Music is a streaming service that replaced Google Play Music, but as it is still a part of the Google network, your Gmail account can be used to sign in. With the ad-supported version, you can stream songs for no cost, or you can pay $9.99 per month for unlimited access. Families pay $14.99 per month for a maximum of five users, while students pay $4.99 per month with a discount. You may upload audio files for tunes you already own, which is a useful feature not available on other streaming music applications on our list. This is excellent for families with teenagers rather than smaller kids because you must be at least 13 years old to use the program.

You’ll surely love listening to trendy and random songs with this app so download it using your android phone.


Spotify is well-known for its custom playlists, such as Release Radar and Discover Weekly, which are based on your individual listening preferences and aid in new music discovery. Shuffle mode is available to free users, but to fully enjoy an album and remove adverts, you’ll need to purchase a Premium subscription.

Similar to other streaming services, Spotify offers family plans that may accommodate up to six people. Other features include group sessions and collaborative playlists, which let several users add songs.

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Not all Android music apps are streaming services; some are cloud players that let you keep track of your own music library made up of songs you already own. In addition to the CloudPlayer, Classic Player, and a sync feature, DoubleTwist provides a number of features. With the help of CloudPlayer, you can manage your music library and listen to it from any location.

This app can access music that is stored in OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. With lossless and FLAC files, DoubleTwist delivers Hi-Fi sound quality and is AirPlay and Chromecast compatible. DoubleTwist is cost-free, however there are in-app payments for premium features.


Musicolet, an offline music player, provides an incredible selection of capabilities in a compact design. The program works fully offline to play songs you already own; you won’t receive access to a streaming music library, and you don’t even need internet. According to Musicolet, numerous queues are a unique feature that no other Android music player provides.

Additionally, it offers a five-band equalizer, widgets for managing your music from the home screen, and compatibility for LRC lyric files. You might even set a sleep timer to play your preferred music until you nod off. This is one of the coolest music app you might want to save on your phone since you can keep lots of songs and play it even when there’s no internet available.


Feels like in heaven when listening to music? If you’re looking for an engaging music app, SoundCloud is a great substitute for Musi. More than just a streaming platform, SoundCloud is a free, open global community where anybody may post any sound for immediate discovery.

Be the first to hear brand-new songs, engage in real-time conversation with fellow listeners and your favorite artists, and influence the direction of music with each play, like, repost, and comment with this edgy music app available for android users.

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Listen to your MP3s, stream and download the best new music for free, and listen to music without a data plan when you’re offline! Use your MP3 library or download music to listen to them offline without using data! You have access to both free downloads and the newest and best music thanks to Audiomack. Your favorite songs can be downloaded for free, and our special “Trending” section showcases the greatest albums and songs that are currently in demand.

You may listen to songs from well-known genres like Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, and Afropop on this free music download app. Anyone who likes good music would surely love Audiomack, which is a fantastic alternative to Musi.


For Android and iOS, the Beats music player software is a visually appealing yet straightforward and user-friendly music player. It is a fantastic alternative to the Musi app and ideal for people who are constantly looking for music streaming apps.

It features a variety of themes to make sure you have fun while enjoying your favorite songs. You can navigate the software with its straightforward actions while listening to your music. This is an excellent music player program that lets you post what you’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter. Create a playlist of your favorite songs with the application, then edit the settings, rename the file, and share it with others.


MediaMonkey allows audio files, video, and other formats in addition to streaming music, unlike the majority of Android music apps. It describes itself as a “media manager for serious collectors” who need a way to arrange files on a computer or mobile device. You’ll get useful tools to do things like modify metadata, create playlists, categorize and sync your music, convert audio and video files, and more. Additionally, Android Auto and Last.fm allow you to listen to music while driving.

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Enjoy listening and playing the songs with a bang from this music app.


For music enthusiasts, Rocket Song Player offers a number of helpful features, such as Lyrics for Android, which enables you to sing along to the music. A sleep timer, album cover, and shortcuts for your home screen are all included. An exceptional feature of Rocket is a 10-band equalizer with 21 presets that may be altered to fit any style. In order to ensure that your data is always safe, you can backup your playlists and ratings. Rocket Premium costs $3.49 for the first time, but you must pay an additional $0.99 per year to enable cloud syncing.

Rocket music player pros include sleep timer and lyrics for android support.


A bit of a wildcard in the world of free music apps is Jango Radio. It features a wide range of music by both well-known performers and unsigned musicians. You might hear a song that an artist paid to hear if you use this service, which unlike others allows independent artists to pay for plays. This provides Jango with the operating income it needs to remain independent. There could be some moral problems. The service doesn’t have any adverts, though, and it’s a nice way to find some new things.

Dance and emote while playing the songs from Jango Radio.

You should check out our list of alternatives similar to Musi streaming services if you’re looking for other great music apps. All of these applications let you make your own playlists with your favorite songs and share them with others. So what are you waiting for? Experience the best in music by downloading these music apps.

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