10 Apps like Procreate for Android

Are you looking for digital tools to help you create quality art piece? Technology has made our lives easier, thanks to apps such as Procreate, a popular digital art tool. The problem with this app is that not everyone can download it. This app is only available to Apple users. Nevertheless, do not worry because there are more apps similar to this that Android users can benefit from.

It’s not unexpected that more and more apps and programs are being released at a quick rate given the growing reliance on digital tools that artists have demonstrated over the past few years. One of the best digital painting and graphics editing apps available is called Procreate. However, it is only accessible to iPad owners so if you want to use a variety of tools to produce stunning drawings using an Android phone then worry no more ‘coz here is the list of 10 best apps similar to Procreate.

Apps like Procreate for Android


This is one of the best apps when it comes to graphic design. It is an application with many features and simple controls. You can utilize it with ease on touchscreen devices as a result of this. The main foundation of this particular application is vector graphics. With Adobe Capture: Illustrator, you can design practically anything, from product packaging to site icons. Simple colors and shapes can be transformed into gorgeous images, icons, and logos using a variety of its capabilities.

Turn your phone into a drawing machine by downloading this app.


MediBang Paint is an excellent tool for beginners to use to start creating digital art because it is less intimidating than Procreate and other similar drawing programs that have several customization choices and dozens of icons.

The multi-platform, lightweight tool is simple to use, doesn’t require any training, and is nevertheless capable of producing stunning digital art. In addition, MediBang Paint is well-liked by those who create comic books and manga because it has functions like multi-page management and simple panel chopping that are ideal for these jobs.

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For those whose artistic focus is more on comics and manga than on paintings and watercolors, Clip Studio Paint is the perfect digital art program. The Ex and Pro versions of the Japanese-developed program are available. The Pro version contains all the functionality required to create individual static images, while the Ex version adds the conversion of 3D models into line art, appropriate animation support, and multi-page projects.

Using the software’s realistic pen strokes, vector-based word balloons, and improved pressure recognition for more natural strokes with your stylus and tablet, you can create manga and comics more quickly and easily. Although using Clip Studio Paint in this manner is the greatest option, you still have the freedom to do so.

Create stunning visual images using this app.


ArtRage is a fantastic Procreate substitute if you’re looking for practical tools for digital painters and illustrators. The primary goal of the application is to assist you in producing authentic media paintings using instruments that behave and appear like they would in the real world.

Oil paint can be applied in layers and textures, watercolors can be removed with water, and felt pens easily meld together.

The software comes with a variety of brushes that you may mix and match endlessly, move paint around with a flexible palette knife, or otherwise tweak to quickly produce amazing-looking but realistic artwork. Give this a shot if you want an entire artist’s toolbox on your Android device.


This app is worth considering if you’re a novice looking for the best cross-platform creative software to start with. In contrast to Procreate, which has a challenging learning curve, the robust creative tool is simple to understand and use. Also included in this basic app is an extensive feature set – fluid workflow, textured brushes, a variety of perspective and blending settings, and sketching aid capabilities.

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Make art a fun work with this basic app.


Another free drawing program that works with desktop and mobile gadgets like Android tablets, is Tayasui Sketches. You may access brushes and pens to create gorgeous drawings using the tool’s normal range of drawing features.

Additionally, this app is simple to use, well made, and ideal for watercolor painting, quick sketches, illustrations, and taking notes. Using its expressive inks and organic color blending, the software allows you to draw, doodle, paint, sketch, and create special effects. You also get excellent watercolor effects with blending and wet-in-wet washes, as well as natural and silky pen tools and brushes.


Ibis Paint is a convenient and tiny program that offers as a sketching and sharing tool. You might initially think that this app is much too basic and doesn’t have exactly the same selection of tools and brushes as Procreate. However, it is incredibly inexpensive, making it a fantastic choice if you are still learning how to use these apps.

Ibis Paint will not occupy nearly as much space on your device as other programs because it is a much smaller program overall.


An Android software called Infinite Painter was created by Sean Brakefield to provide you with a more lifelike painting experience. You will undoubtedly love using Infinite Painter whether or not you are an expert painter. It has a ton of elements that may resemble real paintings on a canvas.

There are several features in Infinite Painter that you will undoubtedly find useful. The kind of brush you choose is crucial when you are painting or drawing. Several of the brushes in this app were specifically created to seem like the real painter’s brushes used in genuine paintings. Six layers are provided for you to work with, and each layer offers a number of possibilities. You can duplicate, flip, and merge layers.

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The fantastic painting program PaperColor emulates the paintbrush to allow users to doodle, sketch, and create graffiti. Learning to paint using this app is just simple featuring its color collection and paintbrushes in various styles that will assist you in producing the ideal artworks.

It is the finest application for drawing on your phone or tablet, regardless of whether you are traveling, staying alone, attending a party, or simply bored.

Need a fast and easy digital art? Then Papercolor is the secret.


You will learn how to create stunning sketches utilizing the realistic drawing tools in this fun and cool app. With so many tools at their disposal, this drawing software is the ideal medium for kids to express their creative side.

The Kids Desk is where this app really excels. Even though it’s not specifically marketed as a kid-friendly app, younger and even older kids will find this portion to be entertaining. Kids have access to a wide range of drawing tools, brush sizes/widths, and other fun things like stickers, images, and shapes. There are sound effects and music playing during the entire time kids are working on this app to help create an ambiance conducive to producing quality art.

Digital art tools like Procreate and others are useful for sketching or painting and the reason why it is trendy and becoming more and more popular these days. These tools give you an easy and quick approach to showing your artistic talent while having access to the numerous features and resources you need to advance your profession. These 10 top applications similar to Procreate will revolutionize the way you work as an artist, whether you’re a hobbyist, novice, or professional.

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