6+ Apps like Robinhood for mobile investing

People who are interested in stock trading know how Robinhood works. The app allows you to enjoy commission-free trading. Through the app, you can engage in stock trade, Cryptocurrency, ETF, and trading options. People interested in growing their money take advantage of the several features available on the app. It is a highly reliable app where you will set up an account and access a lot of resources that will help you trade. After you have tried Robinhood, you may like to know more about apps like Robinhood. Here are some of the apps that you can apply to the trader as well.

Apps like Robinhood

1. TradeStation


It is a commission-free stock trading app just like Robinhood. The app has advanced features that simplify trade. You can utilize it to trade in stock and options. There are several educational materials you can acess via the app and get to understand how different types of trade. When trading, there are certain things you should learn. The app makes it easy to master different stocks trading skills.

2. SoFi Active Investing

sofi active investing

Thea pp targets young investors. If you are getting started in your investment journey, you need to get the app. The app comes with several features that simplify the trading process. Get the app and it will simplify the way you trade in cryptocurrency and options. Those interested in exchange-traded funds get the necessary tips to get started. The app allows you to access data that can simplify investment in big companies such as Netflix and Amazon. It is a reliable financial app for young people.

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3. TD Ameritrade

td ameritrade

It is an online brokerage app that can be a great alternative to Robinhood. With the app, you can get the necessary tips to trade in stock among other types of investments. Get the app and it will simplify for you the trading process. It is essential to get all the necessary tips before you get started in the trade. The app makes it easy to get started.



It is a powerful discount trader where you will get essential tips to engage in different types of trade. With the ability to access active day traders, you can rely on the app to access a wide range of trading tools. The readily available support can help you avoid making errors that can lead to losses. The app simplifies the process of trading in stocks, mutual funds, ETF, and mutual traded funds. You will get the essential knowledge to get started in a wide range of investments.

5. M1 Finance

M1 Finance

It is an automated investing service you can take advantage of. With the app, you will easily invest in a wide range of investment opportunities. It has a feature of robo-advisor making it a reliable way to access advice on different features that you may like to aces when trading.

6. Webull


It is a useful app for self-directed investors. Traders who are looking for short-term investments can rely on it. It is also highly effective in making you achieve great success when investing in different US-listed stocks.

The above are the best apps like Robinhood you can get and access the necessary knowledge to grow your investments. They have several features that simplify trading for everyday investors.

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