10 Apps like Social Dummy for Android

Social Dummy is a social network that works as an effective tool to create fake posts, comments, public messages, private messages and profiles, which are very well done. These fake elements are then applied to recreated social networks.

While Social Dummy is very useful, there are other equally effective apps.

Apps like Social Dummy for Android

1. iFake

IFake is an app that allows you to create real-looking fake profiles and chats, which can be used in apps and social networks such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram and Messenger. The creations you generate in iFake can be saved and edited at your convenience. Some chat backgrounds can be changed, depending on the social network you want to work with. iFake is easy to use and in a short time, you can grasp its features so that you can apply them immediately. iFake is free and the only downside is that the app contains some ads.

2. Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversations is an app that you must have on your list of fake apps. This platform is very useful for you to simulate chats and calls in front of others. This app fakes Facebook and Messenger chats and calls. The calls do not have real audio, which serves to show others a call that does not really exist but can make you avoid a moment you do not want to participate. The app is free and contains advertisements.

3. TwiNote

TwiNote is an app for Twitter lovers since this platform recreates this famous social network. TwiNote is incredibly similar to Twitter and will allow you to create fake profiles, fake messages, fake followers, and install fake trends, among other features. This app is quite playful, because if you want you can play with the fake users. At the end of the day take a record of everything you have done so you have more control of the activity you do in TwiNote. The platform has credible look and feels and is easy to use.

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4. Fake Messenger Chat Prank

Fake Messenger Chat Prank is a must-have free app if you want to have fun and have a good time. This platform has a believable appearance because it contains support that enables videos, emojis and images. You will be able to enjoy an automated fake messenger that responds correctly to your messages. The app allows you to create fake profiles and then save them while keeping track of what you have done during the day. The platform is easy to use and completely free.

5. WhatsMock Chat

WhatsMock Chat is a free app designed to create fake WhatsApp chats exclusively. The platform also creates and receives fake calls, which can be useful in a specific social situation. The app allows you to create fake profiles and you can also import profiles to make everything more realistic. The interface is very efficient and achieves the goal of looking like WhatsApp, without anyone noticing that everything is fake. The platform allows the presence of photos, videos, emojis, videos and images to make your experience in the app is positive.

6. Funsta

Funsta is a perfect app for those who want to stand out through a fake social network incredibly similar to Instagram. You can look great thanks to this platform, as you can create fake profiles, and fake posts and you can even create a fake live stream. All the activities you do on Funsta can be saved for your own control. The app will serve you to have fun to self-promote yourself and make funny jokes to your family and friends.

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7. Binky

Binky is an ideal app for those who do not want to participate in real social networks but want to experience alone the fact of belonging to the various social networks that exist. Simply download it to your cell phone and start experiencing this fake social network that contains images with which you can interact. You can like and comment on the posts you see without having to feel engaged, just like on real social networks.

8. Fake Tweet-Post Creator

Fake Tweet-Post creator is a perfect app for those who want to simulate having a successful Twitter profile. The platform is similar to Twitter and will allow you to create fake posts, which you can show to your friends and family so that they think you are smart, as well as simulate a popular profile on that social network. The platform works quickly and efficiently since it takes up little space. You can edit and save your posts at any time, which gives you more control over your activity on the platform.

9. Fake All – Call, Chat, Message

Fake All-Call, Chat, Message is a complete app that will help you to make fake chats and calls according to the situation in which you find yourself. The platform offers templates for you to fake messages and conversations. The mobile app allows you to create a custom interface that you can then apply to WhatsApp and Messenger. You can create fake screenshots and send them to your friends. You can also schedule fake calls for the time of the day you need to use it. Fake has original features such as voice changers, various vibration sounds and various ringtones so that you can perform a perfect simulation in front of others.

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The 10 APPS LIKE SOCIAL DUMMY FOR ANDROID mentioned above are free and will allow you to achieve the goal of simulating a fake social network profile effectively.

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