10 apps like Solofunds where you can borrow and lend money


There will come a time when we need money for luxury or personal reasons but we don’t want to be buried in debt.

Solofunds would always be a popular option but there are several finance apps that are like it.

Apps like SoloFunds

Here are some apps like SoloFunds:

1. Prosper

Even if your credit score is not that high, you can still have a chance of getting a loan approved here. It is evident not all of us accomplished all the right things in order to get a good credit score. Besides, you need to do too many things in order to get to where you should be. You can actually take advantage of the pre-qualification tool so that you will know right away which loans you are qualified for without damaging your credit score. They even have a program for those people who were really affected by the pandemic. It is no secret many people lost their jobs.

2. Happy Money

This app lets you change the payment date and it even lets you do a few stuff that will improve your credit score. The biggest reason to opt for this app is that you won’t get charged when you pay late. Of course, that does not mean you should get used to it though. They even have a highly-experienced customer service team who are more than ready to attend to all of your needs. You can’t blame yourself if you suddenly want to ask a question that suddenly popped up in your mind. Furthermore, they will do whatever it takes to help you out of all your current debts.

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3. Kiva

This is one app that will let you share your personal story so you can get more people to lend you money. No matter what stage of life you are in, you can be sure you are going to get some help here. Additionally, you won’t need to encounter any origination fees. Besides, we all know how much of a headache that can be. Whatever happens, you must remember you are only dealing with microloans for this app.

4. Zirtue

Believe it or not, this app will allow you to connect with family and friends in order to borrow some money. Since you know these people, then there won’t be any interest involved. What’s more, you won’t need to go to the nearest bank just to get the bank as your friend or family member can send you the money through the app.

5. LenMe

The most awesome part about this app is that there is no need to deal with any form of the verification process. Add that to the fact that the interest rate is not that high so you won’t have to worry about paying back such a huge amount when it is time for you to repay the loan. Additionally, the minimum amount you can borrow is just $50 so you won’t have to think that much about paying it back since it is just a small amount.

6. Lending Club

What’s nice about this app is that it allows you to repay the loan in a long period of time. Also, there is the opportunity to include a co-borrower and you won’t believe the number of options you will suddenly have on your hands. If that is the case, you would need to be reminded of the fact that your credit score needs to be at least 600 in order to get approved…

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7. Possible: Fast Cash and Credit

It would be hard to put into words how fast you get the money for this app.

8. Empower

Budgeting is the centre of this app as you will learn how to spend on the right stuff. You would hate it when you realize too late you should have avoided spending on some things.

9. Vola Finance

When you have bills to cover, you can expect Vola to do a whole lot more than what you were expecting. They don’t even do any credit or interest checks.

10. Hundy

The deposit advance you can get on this app can be as high as $500.

Now that we are aware of some apps like SoloFunds, you should shift your focus to downloading these apps as they will surely benefit you in the long run. It won’t hurt to sit back and take a long look at your financial situation before you proceed with your decision of applying for a loan. Even if it is a loan with a friend, you should realize you are going to break their trust if you don’t live up to expectations.

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