10 Apps like Wizz with random video chats


Want to meet friends online? Wizz is one of the most popular apps in which you’re able to make new friends from around the globe. Aside from this app, there are lots of platforms that also provide a fun way of meeting and chatting with people. Here is a list of social alternatives similar to Wizz.

1. Yubo

Yubo is a social media platform where you can connect with others in real-time and make new friends. In this app, you can quickly make friends from all over the world and your local area, and live chat makes it easy to get social because it’s just free! If you want more features, then you can upgrade to get more benefits.

Both Android and iOS users can download this fun app.

2. Wink

Another best site to find your bestie is Wink. This app is both available for Android and iOS users. View a ton of fresh faces from around the world including your own. Examine each person’s profile to determine if you believe they could make a good buddy for you. Aside from video calls, you can also send messages, photos, icebreakers, GIFs, and audio messages.

On Wink, you have the chance to earn gems every day that you can use to upgrade your profile’s backdrop! There are many ways to obtain extra gems, such as checking in every day or sending Winks to your current friends. Gain more diamonds to continue meeting new people!

3. Hoop

Looking for an app to expand your Snapchat community? Hoop is the answer. You may connect with people worldwide on Snapchat via Hoop. The step is just easy, just get the Snapchat profile you prefer, get notified upon approval of the request, and you can add them on Snapchat.

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The best thing about this app is its both exclusive to Android and iOS users. So enjoy making new friends with Hoop!

4. LMK

This social app allows you to meet new people in a number of ways. You can meet new friends similar to your interests and instantly chat with them. What’s cool about this app, is it has an audio room where you can talk to other people and send gifts.

Both Android and iOS users can download this app and enjoy its perks.

5. Purp

Explore diverse cultures, make new friends, and embark on your own journey using this app. You can express yourself, chat with a new buddy, and add friends on Snapchat.

This app with a simple and fun interface is available to any device.

6. Sendit

This witty app is a social networking service that only supports Snapchat. It has several augmented reality games that invite users to pose and respond to personal queries. In addition, it is an anonymous feedback app, allowing users to participate in games and react to inquiries without disclosing their identity.

This app is also great if you want to hear feedback from your experience and queries without getting criticism since you’re an anonymous user. Any device can benefit from downloading this platform.

7. Whisper

Millions of people use this online community to exchange real opinions, acquire information, and express their thoughts. This app is more honest and moving compared to other social media.

It’s a terrific way to meet new people and chat directly with other Whisper users. Any device can benefit from this app.

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8. MeetMe

MeetMe’s goal is to introduce teens to new individuals. Users build a profile after signing up using either a Facebook account or an email address. Within seconds, a number of neighbouring users’ profiles are shown. A comprehensive list of public resources is available on the website for locals. Regular chat sessions and even in-person meetings are options for users.

Members can also accumulate “MeetMe Credits,” which they can use to enhance their profiles and get more views. Their profiles can attract more attention thanks to these credits. Both Android and iOS users can engage on this app.

9. Bumble

In Bumble, women are in charge. Bumble is safer than other applications like Wizz since a woman has to be interested in a male before they can start a conversation. Bumble, which was started by one of the Tinder co-founders, is very similar to the well-known dating app. By reducing the volume of offensive messages that women frequently receive on other dating platforms, men cannot initiate messages on Bumble for a significant reason.

As well as using the Bumble desktop website, you can download the Bumble app for iOS or Android. Experience this new matchmaking app and explore other people and their interests just for free!

10. Tagged

Because it allows you to broadcast and stream videos, Tagged is a fantastic way to meet new people. Your chances of meeting someone are very great on Tagged, which has more than 300 million users. For finding casual dates, the website also offers a lot of features.

It is more simple to contact someone using this app than other sites like Wiz because it is free to use and there is no limit on the number of messages you can send. Only Android users have access to this site.

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At the end of the day, there’s no greater feeling than meeting a new friend somewhere around the world that matches your interests and is ready to listen. Discover the best of these apps by downloading them from the Google and Apple online stores.

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