Similar Software to CM Browser: 1 best alternatives for 2023

We have 1 alternatives to CM Browser. The best CM Browser alternatives are Dolphin Browser,
Name Platforms
Dolphin Browser iOS, Android.

CM Browser is a powerful web browser design for an Android device, it was developed by Cheetah Mobile and can be downloaded from the google play store, it has one of the fastest web browsing capabilities perfect for people who want to browse the web as fast as possible. But on its initial launch, it had not performed as expected due to compatible issues of

Android devices made the CM browser crash on multiple occasions making it unreliable on its launch date. One of its noticeable flaws in the past is its slower web browsing functions due to incompatibility with the chromium that is already been installed on Android devices, but with the update and patch systems update the entire CM Browser has been able to perform as it was originally and intended design with now being able to filter adds to give a smoother experience for its users without the hassle of watching video ads and pop up adds.

1. Dolphin Browser

Screenshot of Dolphin Browser. Dolphin Browser runs on iOS, Android.

Dolphin browser is a free-to-use platform that was developed by MoboTap.Inc is a subsidiary of Limited. It can be used in Android and iOS operating systems and its stable release was on 24th November 2020 for iOS and on 12th August 2021 for Android. Changyou bought 51% of the company's stake for 91 million in 2014. Dolphin browser is one of the first to introduce multi-touch gestures for android.

You can use the voice search feature by only shaking the phone. It also has built-in functionality to save content and has sync support for both platforms. One unique feature is, it has flash content for android.

Dolphin also offers a tabbed browser and ad-on support for more features. You can change to Jetpack mode anytime you want to speed up the browser. With the private mode option activated, it won't record your browsing history and any personal data. It also displays your content in a magazine style for a better view. The browser has a multitouch pinch zoom option, incognito browsing, and ad block features.

Anyone can use the Dolphin browser with iOS and Android phones. Currently, there are over 50 million users in over 200 countries that are using this browser.