Similar Software to 16 best alternatives for 2023

We have 16 alternatives to The best alternatives are omnigraffle,, and LucidChart.
Name Platforms
omnigraffle Web. Web.
LucidChart Web.
yEd Graph Editor Web.
xMind Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
PlantUML Web.
Canva Web, iOS, Android.
Adobe Photoshop Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Krita Windows, Mac, Linux.
GIMP Windows, Mac, Linux.
PhotoScape Windows, Mac.
Paint.NET Windows.
Affinity Photo Windows, Mac, iOS.
Pixlr Web.
Pixelmator Mac, iOS.
MyPaint Windows, Mac, Linux. is a free web application that makes it easy to create beautiful and engaging flowcharts and diagrams. It was created in 2000 by Gaudenz Alder who wanted to create a user-friendly solution for business people to communicate their ideas simply and effectively. All you have to do is pull up your web browser and navigate to where you can select from a variety of locations to store your diagram. You can save it to your own device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage. Once your select your storage platform and create a new diagram, you can select from a wide variety of premade flowchart templates to organize virtually any type of information. There are templates for everything from basic flow charts to business organization charts to engineering schematics. Once you've selected a template you are launched into a full editing suite where you can edit your diagram's shape, size, text, color, and even import your own images to bring your ideas to life.

1. omnigraffle

Screenshot of omnigraffle. omnigraffle runs on Web.

OmniGraffle is an application available for Mac and iOS which allows people to make complex diagrams and flowcharts. The 7th version of this software was released in 2020 by OmniGroup. OmniGroup started as a consulting company in 1994, but they found they could better serve their clients by creating productivity software and consulting them on the back end. OmniGraffle forgoes the fancy graphics and complex methods similar programs use to create flow charts. It's perfect for the professional who wants to simply get a complex idea down clearly and concisely. The editor is packed with an assortment of tools at your disposal to quickly resize, reshape, orientate, and add connections to your diagram. The power of this software is really highlighted in its ability to seamlessly splice one element of the diagram to another and instantly rejoin connections without having to start the entire diagram over. An OmniGraffle subscription starts at $12.49 per month or $124.99 per year. A 14-day limited free trial is also available to test out the software.


Screenshot of runs on Web. is a sophisticated web application that allows software developers to create visual diagrams that organize and categorize information in a simplified way. It was created in 2019 by Blockshop which wanted to create a more streamlined workflow for developers to be able to create diagrams. Gleek's approach to creating diagrams is text-based and does away with the need for a mouse. All of the nodes and connections in the diagrams are created by using text commands. This gives you more of a feel of actually coding the diagram instead of dragging and dropping images. Gleek's algorithm is able to automatically organize these commands in a visual way to create symmetrical and concise diagrams. The diagram will automatically resize and position itself based on the code you write without ever having to touch your mouse. Gleek is free to get started with limited features, and you can export in PNG format only. The premium version starting at $9.95 per month offers the ability to export high-resolution images, an unlimited number of diagram nodes, cloud storage, custom themes, and priority support from the developer.

3. LucidChart

Screenshot of LucidChart. LucidChart runs on Web.

LucidChart is a web app written in HTML 5 that creates diagrams and flowcharts. It was created in 2008 by Lucid Software Inc. for professionals who want to simply create diagrams that they can easily share with other members of their organization. LucidChart has a unique feature that allows multiple people to work on a diagram at the same time. It integrates flawlessly with Slack, Salesforce, Office 365, and virtually every other collaborative software application so that teams can easily work together to sort out their ideas. This software uses a drag and drop method to create diagrams. You and your team can start from scratch to build a diagram together, or there are a variety of templates already available that you can use to get started with. LucidChart is a free application with some small limitations. If you want your team to be as involved as possible, you'll want to get a Team account for $9.00 per user which includes advanced collaboration and integration features, thousands of templates, and an unlimited number of editable documents.

4. yEd Graph Editor

Screenshot of yEd Graph Editor. yEd Graph Editor runs on Web.

yEd Graph Editor is a free program that allows professionals to create diagrams that organize and process information effectively. It was created in 2010 by the company yWorks who wanted to make a user-friendly application that professionals can use to create diagrams. With yEd's powerful software you can create anything from flowcharts to family trees to complex software algorithm structures. The drag and drop control system allows for a user-friendly experience to simply organize even the most complex ideas. yEd can even import data from Microsoft Excel and visually organize that data with much more ability for customization than you would get natively with Excel. You can export your diagrams in JPEG, XML, PDF, and many other formats for easy integration into word documents and the internet. yEd is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and all the diagrams you create can be used for both personal and commercial use.

5. xMind

Screenshot of xMind. xMind runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.

XMind is a software which executes mind mapping and brainstorming capabilities. It was developed by XMind Ltd. Included with the management elements are functionalities like thinking clarification, idea capture, management of intricate information, and the promotion of team collaboration. There is a free version wherein users can insert markers, notes, hyperlinks, stickers and labels into the topics. Users can also get the mind map which could come in the form of either PDF or PNG with a watermark. The paid version comes with the features of the free version but dispenses additional benefits. Users can insert attachments, equations and pictures into the mind map. They could set passwords and transport the map without a watermark. More features are being planned in the future to be added. The paid version of XMind comes in handy for the execution of commercial purposes for offices and companies. This software makes your team's work much more efficient and faster to accomplish.

6. PlantUML

Screenshot of PlantUML. PlantUML runs on Web.

PlantUML is a free software application available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that makes it easy for software developers to create sequence diagrams. It was created in 2009 by Amaud Roques who desired to make an easier way for developers to create complex UML sequences. PlantUML makes it easy to make edits to complex diagrams without having to delete the whole diagram and start over. Its flexible algorithm makes every piece of the diagram its own entity so that one tiny change does not affect the entire diagram. PlantUML has drag and drop capabilities, but you can also bring up the source code of your diagram to code in specific actions in order to fine-tune your diagram. The entire project is open-source which has allowed developers all over the world to modify the software to their liking or add new templates that other developers can use within their own project.

7. Canva

Screenshot of Canva. Canva runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Canva is a free tool that helps you create designs for Web and print. With Canva, making everything from blog graphics to presentations to Facebook covers to flyers and posters to invitations and more is as easy as drag, drop and go!

8. Adobe Photoshop

Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor built for Mac OS and Windows. Originally created in 1988 by John Knoll and Thomas Knoll, the software was published on February 19, 1990, by Adobe Inc. Since then, the product has become the benchmark not only for graphics editing but also for any form of digital art. You'll hardly come across designers that don't use this cutting-edge graphics editor. The software is capable of editing and compositing raster images in various layers. Adobe Photoshop supports alpha composting, masks, and multiple color models, including CMYK, RGB, spot color, CIELAB, and duotone. The software employs its PSB and PSD file formats in support of its features. Adobe Photoshop has certain abilities to render or edit vector graphics and text (especially through the clipping path for vectors, videos, and 3D graphics). Users can expand the features of the software through plug-ins and supporting programs to get better results.

9. Krita

Screenshot of Krita. Krita runs on Windows, Mac, Linux.

Krita is an open-source and free raster graphics editor that is designed majorly for 2D animation and digital painting. It operates on Chrome OS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. The editor is developed by Krita Foundation, KDE. The initial release of the editor was on 21 June 2005, but its stable release was on 7 January 2022. Also, the software runs C++, and Qt programming languages. Aside from the painting features, Krita also comes with file layers, group, filter, and vector. Flatten, order, and combine layers to enable your artwork to stay organized. Additionally, it will also help you to highlight a portion of the drawing you are doing to work on. Further, there’re extra features that enable you to insert and get rid of the selection. If you’re an animator, comic book creator, or concept artist, this can be the best open-source software to rely on. Aside from being easy to use, it is very intuitive as well.

10. GIMP

Screenshot of GIMP. GIMP runs on Windows, Mac, Linux.

GIMP is a popular open-source and free raster graphics app that is used for manipulating images and editing images, transcoding between varied image file formats, free-form drawing, and even other advanced tasks. This application is established under GPL-3.0 license and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. GIMP started hosting their own downloads after ending the use of Source Forge in 2013. Later, the site repossessed this application’s idle account and used it to host the advertising format of Gimp for windows operating systems. As per reviews, GIMP has been found to be a suitable application for those who haven’t started using photoshop and need the easiest way to edit images. Besides, it can also be fit to use in any professional space and if you like adobe photoshop, this has been pointed out as a good replacement. For all tools for editing, you can simply get through the toolbox, via dialogue windows and menus.

11. PhotoScape

Screenshot of PhotoScape. PhotoScape runs on Windows, Mac.

PhotoScape is a free to download program enjoyed by many people. It can edit the photos and make them look better in real time. That is a smart strategy and one that has worked for many people. Users will get access to top rated tools that can be employed. Even pro photographers will find some use with the new program. It will be installed in a short amount of time as well. Trust that PhotoScape is well worth the time it takes to find and then download on a PC. Understand that updates are frequently issued for PhotoScape. Those same updates will keep new functions working for a longer time period. The new updates are enacted and the software becomes more useful in time. The PhotoScape program is rapidly becoming a top request among the people. New users will want to read the help files. That shows what to activate.

12. Paint.NET

Screenshot of Paint.NET. Paint.NET runs on Windows.

Paint.NET was created in 2004 by Rick Brewster and Gabe Mulder. It was originally created to replace the Microsoft Paint software that came with Windows. As a desktop software, Paint.NET is used for basic photo editing and touch-ups. What makes Paint.NET unique is the ability to edit photos and add effects in a simple and easy-to-use interface. It also has a wide range of tools, including brushes, shapes, filters, overlays, adjustment, and text tools. It also comes with numerous plugins that can be installed to add more features. It is commonly used by individuals who are not familiar with more complex photo editors, but want advanced editing features. It's an advanced version of Microsoft's Paint software and is popular among beginner and intermediate users. Over the years, it has been extensively improved to be on par with more expensive software. One of the best features that make it stand out is the warm community of users that are always willing to help.

13. Affinity Photo

Screenshot of Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo runs on Windows, Mac, iOS.

Affinity Photo is a popular photo editing app for iOS devices with a simple and easy-to-use interface. It’s free, with no ads, sharing features, and automatic backups. Is it worth your time? Does it offer any unique features? Affinity Photo is an excellent app for those who want to take exciting photos without spending a lot of time or money. That said, Affinity Photo has some unique features that put it above others in the photo editing world. One of the main advantages of Affinity Photo is that it allows you to import your images directly into the software without having to go through a tedious setup process. This is especially helpful if you are new to photography and need some help learning how to take good photos. Another feature that Affinity Photo has over other photo editing apps is its automatic corrections. You can select individual colors or settings from your image and see exactly what they would look like in real life without worrying about manually adjusting them afterward.

14. Pixlr

Screenshot of Pixlr. Pixlr runs on Web.

Pixlr is a photo editor that was created in 2008 by Ola Sevandersson. It is one of the most popular photo editors in the world, with over 100 million users. What makes Pixlr unique is the ability to edit photos from the mobile device - on the go. Being one of the most versatile photo editors on the market, it is considered to be a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It has a wide range of features, including filters, overlays, and adjustment tools. It also allows users to create memes and collages. Pixlr is available on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. It can be used for free or with a subscription plan. It has become popular for small to medium-scale businesses allowing them to edit photos without having to purchase expensive software. Since its creation, Pixlr has become one of the most popular photo editors in the world.

15. Pixelmator

Screenshot of Pixelmator. Pixelmator runs on Mac, iOS.

Pixelmator is a graphics editor that was developed for macOS. It has several features such as selection, painting, color correction, retouching, layer-based image editing, and many more. Pixelmator image editor is suitable for editing images using the most professional tools. It makes use of technologies such as Automator and Core Image for the best results. Moreover, it has more than 40 tools to aid you throughout the editing process. You can use it on your iPhone or iPad. It has over 30 adjustments making it suitable for professional photographers. The only problem with Pixelmator is the fact that it does not support exporting from CYMK, which is a necessary feature each time you are printing out some work. It has a color profile that enables you to check on the emulation of colors that you would like to be printed, however, it does not cut it professionally. So, for any mobile device, you can always go for this photo editing app.

16. MyPaint

Screenshot of MyPaint. MyPaint runs on Windows, Mac, Linux.

MyPaint is a graphics editor that is commonly used for digital painting. You will find this in many operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and many more. As a digital painter, this is very useful each time you need to make some quick sketches or any complex drawing on your computer. What's so interesting about this application is the fact that it is easier to use and simple therefore suitable for beginners. It no complex menus so you can concentrate on your drawings more. MyPaint also contains a wide range of brushes that are organized into varied categories. MyPaint makes it easier to configure any of the brushes to a smaller detail or come up with a new category in a more convenient way. Each brush always has a different result. It is recommended to use it on a tablet though you can as well use it with a standard mouse. Since it supports a wide range of pressure, you will be feeling like a real painter at the end.