Similar Software to Ginger: 9 best alternatives for 2023

We have 9 alternatives to Ginger. The best Ginger alternatives are SentenceCheckup, Grammarly, and Hemingway App.
Name Platforms
SentenceCheckup Web.
Grammarly Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Hemingway App Web.
PaperRater Web.
Slick Write Web.
ProWritingAid Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
LanguageTool Web, Windows, Mac, iOS.
Reverso Web, Windows, iOS, Android.
WhiteSmoke Web, Windows, iOS, Android.

Ginger software is grammar software that aims to improve writing skills and boost productivity in terms of written and reading communication. It has features such as a grammar checker, sentence rephrases, translation, essay checker, and an online proofreading service.

This software is free to use but it has a certain weekly limit. Once its limit is reached, you can then manually write the corrected words when it displays the corrections for misspelt words. It corrects all types of grammar issues such as spelling, punctuation word choice, and style. It is easy to use once you activate the software. It is compatible to use in emails, tweets, Facebook posts, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint, and you can have it installed on your desktop or laptop, browser extensions, and even on your mobile.

Even though anyone can use it for free, you can upgrade your subscription to a Premium Plan wherein it can correct multiple mistakes at once which can help you speed up your writing, unlimited rephrasing, and a lot more. You can have an option to pay it monthly, quarterly, and annually.

1. SentenceCheckup

Screenshot of SentenceCheckup. SentenceCheckup runs on Web.

SentenceCheckup is an online free spelling and grammar checking tool that does a deep check to improve your writing and make your documents error-free. It checks the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It also looks through the sentence structure, fragments, and run-on sentences. It doesn't just detect the grammar issues but it also checks your sentence structure to make it more concise and clearer to understand. It also spots inappropriate words in your paragraph and pops up suggestions to replace them with the right words. It is completely free and advanced. Its grammar checking feature detects mistakes to make your sentence more meaningful. It works with an advanced algorithm that makes it easier to check and remove errors. It is easy to use. If you want to determine if your sentence is written correctly or incorrectly, just simply copy the text, paste it into its online editor box, and then click the "checkup" button.

2. Grammarly

Screenshot of Grammarly. Grammarly runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Grammarly is an online cloud-based typing assistant that checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, and delivery mistakes. It helps the user to fix misspelt words and imperfect grammar for free. It works across Google Docs, Gmail, YouTube, and Twitter. You can use Grammarly outside your web browser; simply download the Grammarly app on desktop or mobile. . It offers comprehensive real-time feedback that works more than just a proofreader. It helps the user write confidently, communicate efficiently, and find the appropriate words to express their thoughts. It analyzes your sentences as you write in real-time, and you can apply its suggestion with just a single click. The free version of Grammarly offers grammar, spelling, punctuation and tone checker. On the other hand, its premium version offers additional advanced suggestions such as fluency, vocabulary improvements, tone adjustments, and clarity-focused sentence rewrites. For the premium version, you can get advanced writing suggestions for as low as $29.95 per month.

3. Hemingway App

Screenshot of Hemingway App. Hemingway App runs on Web.

Hemingway app uses its ability to polish and give better English language by correcting the grammar, spelling, and the structure of the sentence, Hemingway app was created by Adam and Ben Long. It is a straightforward app that is easy to use.

Each correction and its meaning are differentiated by colours. Blue means you need to change the adverbs. Green means the use of active voice. The purple colour means the phrase has a simpler alternative that can be used. The yellow colour indicates that the sentence is hard to read and the dark pink colour means that the sentence is very hard to read. In grading, any grade below 9 is considered as good although level 4 to 6 is considered the best reading grade. This ap is very easy to use and simple

You can always use this app free of charge and even without internet but you also can opt for a desktop version or the premium version for 19.99 dollars. It can be used on both Mac and Windows.

4. PaperRater

Screenshot of PaperRater. PaperRater runs on Web.

PaperRater is a website that helps customers and students to improve their English by detecting spelling mistakes and plagiarism. This company was founded in 2009 and its parent company is Barnes & Noble Education. Its primary office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

It comes with grammar and spelling check, and free online proofreading and it does not need to be downloaded. You do not need to log in or sign up. You just need to submit and your result will be checked by AI and given back within 5 to 15 seconds. This AI called Grendel will also give some tips and feedback on how to write better. This tool can easily detect any plagiarism, grammar, and spelling mistakes. Apart from that it also gives you tips on vocabulary usage, the ideal length of sentences, detection of passive voice, which phrases to avoid, and readability statistic. It also comes with automated scoring and vocabulary builder.

They have 2 types of plans namely Basic and Premium. Basic comes with limited features but it is free to use. The Premium package comes with full features and you only need to pay 11.21 dollars per month to use it.

5. Slick Write

Screenshot of Slick Write. Slick Write runs on Web.

Slick Write is a browser-based tool that helps users identify grammatical errors in their content with the help of its feedback options. It enables users to assess their different genres and styles in writing by customizing it for the basics, fiction, and essay. Since it is a web-based spell checker tool, it can be integrated with Open Office, Libre Office, and WordPress with no downloading required. It has a feature called "Associator" which shows what words go along with others in the sentences. If you have advanced writing skills, you can use the following features to broaden your knowledge in English writing, such as spelling check, and style check. dictionary/thesaurus, Grammar check, and reporting & statistics. It's easy and convenient to use Slick Write. Just go on to your web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, copy the text, and paste it into the box, and then it will start analyzing your writing. You can have it using an extension to your browser as well.

6. ProWritingAid

Screenshot of ProWritingAid. ProWritingAid runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

ProWritingAid is an app that gives 3 in 1 package of style editor, checker, and writing mentor. This app was founded in 2012 by Chris Banks. Its headquarters is located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. This is one of the best solutions for you to have better writing skills.

This app provides an add-on for Safari and Chrome. It can be used on both Mac and Windows. No matter whether you are into creative writing, business writing, or academic writing, this app will polish the way you write and change it to become better. All checking comes combined with reports to give you a better knowledge. There are also suggestions, videos, and quizzes that make this app more interesting. It uses 256-bit bank-level security, has compliance with GDPR, and comes with friendly terms and conditions. There is 20 in-depth report that will make sure the perfect work is created. You can find the best word and get a better style of writing. It integrates easily with some of the leading browsers and companies.

This app comes in the free version with limited features or you can opt for the premium version for 79 dollars per year or premium plus which costs 89 dollars per year.

7. LanguageTool

Screenshot of LanguageTool. LanguageTool runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS.

The LanguageTool is known as an open-source grammar and style checker. It is free online proofreading not just for the English language, but also for other 25 languages. This tool is very useful in checking grammar and texts and giving a flawless writing style and tone. The Language tool is free to use and you can have this as an extension to your web browser. It can detect many errors that a simple spell-checking tool can't, such as commonly confused words, punctuation overlooked, and grammar issues. It also offers style suggestions such as synonym replacements for overused words, rephrasing the wordy sentences, and replacing commonly used expressions. This software is also capable of identifying between British English and American English. Since this is free software, you can set this up either online or offline. However, if you want to use LanguageTool offline, you need to have a Java8 installed on your computer.

8. Reverso

Screenshot of Reverso. Reverso runs on Web, Windows, iOS, Android.

Reverso is a language checker and translation service that uses AI services to make customers' English better and more accurate. It has been active since 1998. Its founder's name is Theo Hoffenberg and its headquarters is in France. It has more than 96 million active users and more than 20 million app downloads.

One of its main features is the translation service. It can translate up to 18 types of languages. This translator comes with a spell checker to give you a better outcome. Using Neural Machine Translation, you can get the natural sound and how it is pronounced by native speakers. You can also do it in context to get better input. You will get an English which is perfect and with a better writing style with its grammar checker. You can use synonyms to change the words that mean the same but with better pronunciation. Change the words with conjugation and use the dictionary services to check for the words that are being used. You can also use the whole document and check all the mistakes done to get the best outcome. Another great addition is the collaborative dictionary which shows the meaning of the word in different languages.

You can go for this translator in a free package or go for a premium package that has no ads and comes with the opportunity to check to spell and translate longer texts.

9. WhiteSmoke

Screenshot of WhiteSmoke. WhiteSmoke runs on Web, Windows, iOS, Android.

WhiteSmoke is a leading English writing technology that primarily focuses on the enhancement of the grammar, spelling, and the writing style of a user. It is based on the NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology featuring unique and patented AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms for text analysis. It is more than just a professional grammar checker, this 20-year-old checker aims to provide more accurate professional communication to its over million users globally making it a world-leading grammar company. You will enjoy the different impressive features of this world-leading professional proofreading software. You can benefit from its 100 pre-made writing templates such as business, medical, legal, and standard letter. Its interface design and color scheme are just simple and not necessarily aesthetic and too much flashy design. The app is widely used and available on Windows, Android, and iOs. As for personal desktop use, it will run and work with any browser, and you can use it with Google Docs, and works excellently in WordPress.