Similar Software to iGlasses: 7 best alternatives for 2023

We have 7 alternatives to iGlasses. The best iGlasses alternatives are ManyCam, YouCam, and SplitCam.
Name Platforms
ManyCam Windows.
YouCam Windows.
SplitCam Windows, Mac.
Restream Studio Windows.
YouCam 9 Windows.
Logitech Capture Windows, Mac.
Debut Video Capture Windows.

iGlasses is a webcam software and it works like a virtual webcam. The software supports only the MAC platform. It has two versions - free and paid. So, to reveal its full features, you need to buy its full version. The best part of this software is that it can enhance your look by applying different types of filters. You can also adjust your image quality and skin tone.

But, this webcam software has got some amazing colour corrections. It also works with Chrome. Therefore, Facebook live, YouTube live, Skype and Google meet-like platforms are compatible with this software. You can change the appearance of your face using its effects. With iGlasses, you will have over 50 effects to make your video calls funny and enjoyable.

You can share pictures or videos with the help of this software. Even, you can zoom (on) your face when conducting a serious office meeting. The software can be really helpful if you are in a low-light area. Its image adjustments can brighten up your face. This virtual webcam has 3D distortions and it can present your pictures in HD. To conclude it can be said that iGlasses is an ideal webcam software for your MAC.

1. ManyCam

Screenshot of ManyCam. ManyCam runs on Windows.

ManyCam is an application that allows people to use multiple videos chat and stream at once with a single webcam. It was developed by Viscom Media Inc and its initial release was on March 22nd, 2006 with a stable release in 2018. It was written in C++ for Windows and MacOS operating systems and is available in 9 languages. This platform enhances the way you use live video. It has an "invite guest" (BETA) feature that allows multiple users to talk at once. With a virtual background feature, you can blur out your background or can use a green screen feature. It also has a whiteboard to draw and make your presentation more exciting. You can easily save your files while streaming live and use ManyCam virtual webcam to stream live on Facebook and Youtube. You can create up to 24 video sources or create a video playlist. It also has an NDI source and Layers with rounded corner features to make your video interesting. They have multiple plans for individual or business enterprises with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Anyone who wants to have a better experience with a webcam should use Manycam but you must be at least 18 years old to use this platform.

2. YouCam

Screenshot of YouCam. YouCam runs on Windows.

An excellent platform to enhance your appearance on the webcam, this app equips itself with a pack of photo-retouching tools. Everything is effortlessly accessible through its straightforward yet sophisticated UI design

3. SplitCam

Screenshot of SplitCam. SplitCam runs on Windows, Mac.

SplitCam is a webcam software and this software is compatible with Windows and MAC. The software is free to use. So, you don't have to pay for its features. The webcam software can stream videos from multiple sources. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more streaming platforms can be shared through this software. Furthermore, you can record and you can take snapshots with the help of this webcam software.

The video and audio effects of this software are truly impressive. It can add positive emotions and you can also use 3D masks or 3D objects to hide your face. The software supports Skype, Yahoo Messenger, CamZap, Windows Live Messenger, and more popular platforms. SplitCam also allows you to upload your recorded videos directly to YouTube. It can show HD picture quality and you can add low-level graphics to your cam video.

If you are talking to multiple persons on different platforms, then this software can be really helpful. Even, you can zoom a particular section of your screen using this software. Gamers, bloggers, and online teaching classes would love to have this software. Though SplitCam is free. But, it's worth trying.

4. Restream Studio

Screenshot of Restream Studio. Restream Studio runs on Windows.

Restream Studio is a tool that is used by others to engage with their audiences. Gamers, politicians, professionals, and even celebrities use this tool to engage. Over 8 million broadcasts are delivered monthly and over 600 million viewers are engaged monthly. This platform was started by Alexander Khuda and Andrew Surzhynskyi in 2015. It has a scheduler where you can stream your live video which was recorded. You can stream live on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. You can do things like promoting launches, interviews, flash sales, demos, webinars, and conferences. It also has a feature where you can stream on multiple platforms at once. It makes the process less complicated and you can share the stage with all of them at once. This chat system can be downloaded to Windows or opened up in the browser. You can open up chatbox even when live streaming. With its analytics, you can measure your success and check which time your viewers are coming into your streaming more. From this, you can understand their sentiment. They have 5 type of packages that starts at 0 dollars up to 249 dollars a month.

5. YouCam 9

Screenshot of YouCam 9. YouCam 9 runs on Windows.

YouCam 9 (Cyberlink) is a paid webcam software and it runs only on Windows. The free version of this software is available. But, the paid version has a lot of features. This software can work with YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, Twitch, and with more live streaming platforms. The live shows on the internet require a perfect face. This software can enhance your skin tone and you may look great.

This webcam software can add different types of effects, lighting, filters, emojis, and titles. However, the best part of this software is that it can improve your look with digital makeup solutions. Moreover, the software is also able to make your screen clean and sharp.

Bad lighting can often ruin your conferences. YouCam can enhance your facial appearance and you would look presentable. The software can also add filters, frames, distortions, and video effects. You can edit photos and you can also record your mouse movements using this software. All the chats would become fun and engaging once you use this webcam software. In short, YouCam 9 is good software. So, families and businesses both can use it.

6. Logitech Capture

Screenshot of Logitech Capture. Logitech Capture runs on Windows, Mac.

Logitech Capture is an advanced software for modern YouTubers and vloggers. The software is available on Windows and MAC platforms. But, Logitech is only distributing the software with its cams. C922 Pro Stream and BRIO 4K Pro are the two cams with which you can get this software.

With the help of this software, you can record and share high-quality videos. The software also enables your webcam to record from different sources. Sometimes you just need a vertical video to post on social media. This software can help you to record such vertical videos. Moreover, if you want to go live, then this software can assist you. The software supports YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and some live-streaming platforms.

The software enhances your webcam's abilities in more than one way. You can edit your videos and you can add frames to them. Furthermore, you can replace your video background and you can also add filters to your videos. Adding texts and messages is also possible with this software. Auto focus control, image settings, and frame settings will come with this software. In a word, Logitech Capture is a wonderful webcam software and the new generation would love it.

7. Debut Video Capture

Screenshot of Debut Video Capture. Debut Video Capture runs on Windows.

Debut Video Capture is a popular free video capture program that enables users to record on the camera and on-screen. This is widely used by people who are producing video tutorials since it can capture and record your screen. It runs compatibly well on both Mac and Windows. You can record videos in high definition and you can make some minor tweaks such as video brightness, contrast, colour settings, and movie effects right after the recording. You can also add text captions or time stamps to your video. It can also be used for time-lapse recording and picture snapshots of your video. This program enables you to record real-time screens from a Windows PC and USB video device which is a good choice if you are planning to publish your video demos, tutorials, or presentations. These video recordings can be burnt directly to a DVD or uploaded directly to video sites like YouTube, Flickr, or Vimeo.