Similar Software to K7 Antivirus: 18 best alternatives for 2023

We have 18 alternatives to K7 Antivirus. The best K7 Antivirus alternatives are Quick Heal, Bitdefender, and McAfee.
Name Platforms
Quick Heal Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Bitdefender Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
McAfee Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Avast Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
REVE Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
Norton Antivirus Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
AVG Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Microsoft Defender Windows.
Kaspersky Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Total AV Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
SysTweak Antivirus Windows.
BullGuard Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
MalwareBytes Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
ESET NOD32 Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
ClamAV Mac, Linux.
Trend Micro Windows.
Panda Security Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
VirusTotal Web.

K7 is a security system for your computer that protects it from malware and viruses. It was founded in 1991 by Jayaraman Kesavardhanan in Chennai, India. They have more than 90 employees in Chennai alone with more people working with the company all over the world remotely. This software was developed by K7 Computing. This software has a presence in 27 countries and it is voted as one of the top antiviruses in Japan. It also has a 24/7 threat lab and has been protecting more than 40 million devices all around the world with more than 25 million users worldwide. This antivirus is the most awarded antivirus in Indian history. It has the lowest impact on system performance and it comes with a machine learning security engine. It can be used for both home and business. Some of their home products are antivirus premium, total security, ultimate security, antivirus for Mac, ultimate security Infiniti, and mobile security for both android and iOS. They also have an affiliate program where you can join, promote and earn a decent amount of income from this.

1. Quick Heal

Screenshot of Quick Heal. Quick Heal runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Quick Heal is an Indian public multinational company that specializes in cybersecurity software. It was founded 29 years ago in 1993 by Kailash Katkar and Sanjay Katkar. Its headquarters is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Kailash Katkar is also the CEO of this platform. They have more than 1000 employees that are working on this platform and had gained around 38 million dollars of revenue per year. This software can be used for Windows, Android, and Mac. For Windows, it comes with features like ransomware protection, a Wi-fi scanner, anti-malware, safe banking, anti tracker, file vault, parental control, game booster, data theft protection, email protection, virus protection, phishing protection, and webcam protection. Meanwhile, for Mac, it comes with complete Mac security, quick heal RDM, parental control, web security, anti-spam, and email security. For Android, the software will optimize the speed and usage of your phone, secure it and give privacy when surfing. This software can be used for home users and big enterprises. They also provide email support in case of any issue when using this platform.

2. Bitdefender

Screenshot of Bitdefender. Bitdefender runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Bitdefender was founded as Softwin in Romana in 1990, becoming Bitdefender in 2001. Bitdefender is a top ten antivirus solution which is very well received and reviewed. Bitdefender now runs a security operations centre in Texas and has grown and acquired ops worldwide, winning many awards and being known as a cost-effective solution. They call themselves "best in class" and a "Global Leader in Cybersecurity," and their excellent ratings from the test labs support this. Bitdefender works with Europol and similar associations. Offerings include advanced ransomware protection, anti-theft protection, parental controls, better than most VPNs, anti-phishing, and optimization (defragging etc) tools, and a cloud-based password manager that even checks for breaches. Bitdefender did suffer some bad publicity in 2021. The famous Dark Side group was offering a white-labelled version to other hackers, with the flaw that one key unlocked all ransomed accounts. Bitstamp announced a counter-program which was not yet perfect, and thereby alerted the hackers.

3. McAfee

Screenshot of McAfee. McAfee runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

To keep any computer or device safe from viruses and malicious programs, McAfee is the ideal software because it has been awarded several times during the last years for being one of the best antiviruses, in fact, it is one of the most used since 2015. In addition to antivirus, McAfee provides a wide variety of security services, such as firewall, anti-spyware, detection of fraudulent websites, and real-time file analysis, among others. McAfee is a different antivirus from the traditional ones since it has new protection functions, such as the silent screen, which prevents antivirus notifications from appearing on the screen if any application is open on full screen. Besides, another feature that stands out is Secure File Shredder, with which you can eliminate completely any file, and there is no possibility of recovering it. Likewise, it has a special function for laptops, which optimizes energy so that the battery lasts longer in optimal conditions.

4. Avast

Screenshot of Avast. Avast runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Enjoy cloud-light, award-winning free virus protection: Protects against viruses using machine learning, protects your home network, and does so without slowing down your computer.

Easy to install, effortless to use: Once it's up and running, it will check your system for vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks and help you address them immediately. It also protects you in real-time by evaluating unfamiliar files well in advance of their arrival on your device.

A stunningly simple and straightforward user interface, refined application protection, and a brand new passive mode that enables users to operate various security products in simultaneously, as well as a bonus feature for movie and video game enthusiasts.

You won't even be aware that crucial intelligent threat-detection and real-time security is being provided since it has such a light touch on your computer.

Various levels of protection to keep you secure from even the most recent and never-before-seen threats.


Screenshot of REVE. REVE runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.

REVE is antivirus software that was developed primarily for Android, but after seeing its excellent performance, it is now also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Like the classic antivirus, REVE offers protection and scans both internal and external files that want to enter in real-time and has more advanced features such as remote locking and file backup. Among its functions, it has three types of scans, the phone scanner, an app scanner, and a customizable scan. The customizable scan is probably the best feature of REVE since you can choose which applications or files you want to scan, and thus make a faster scan. Besides, REVE immediately scans any USB device that is connected and removes any viruses or suspicious files to protect your computer. You can easily configure the antivirus and manually check for available updates or schedule them to run automatically every day, every other day, weekly, etc.

6. Norton Antivirus

Screenshot of Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Norton is an antivirus developed and distributed by Symantec and works for Windows and Mac, as well as Android and iOS. Norton is one of the most optimized antivirus software that exists because it consumes almost no resources, but at the same time, it is effective in blocking and removing any spyware, Trojans, or viruses. Norton only occupies about 250 MB in the hard disk, but to work perfectly, the hard disk should have at least 200 MB free. Norton offers a wide range of services to suit everyone's needs, such as the new version Norton 360 for Gamers, which provides extra security while playing online games and protects any digital assets you have. Norton 360 Standard offers protection for a single device, while the Deluxe version provides protection for five devices, and if you have more devices or computers you need to protect, there is also the 360 Premium version, which covers up to 10 devices. All of their packages offer VPN service, a Smart Firewall, and a backup of up to 10 GB in the cloud.

7. AVG

Screenshot of AVG. AVG runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

AVG is one of the best antivirus software we can find and is considered to be the best free antivirus. However, to improve the level of security that AVG provides, it is necessary to upgrade to the next level to take advantage of all its premium features. This antivirus constantly scans all systems to prevent any virus from entering the computer. AVG is available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Also, it offers the AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate services, which can be purchased individually and come with useful features such as a VPN to keep your data safe. However, the free version also includes basic features such as real-time malware protection, a firewall that prevents third-party applications from running without permission, protection against websites without security certificates, a cleanup function to close unused programs that are running in the background, and much more.

8. Microsoft Defender

Screenshot of Microsoft Defender. Microsoft Defender runs on Windows.

Windows Defender is now called Microsoft Defender. but most ignored this rebranding. Defender is the free pre-installed antivirus software. Microsoft invested a lot into Defender, some years doing better than others. Defender has a clean and user-friendly interface, although Firewall Defender can be more complex. Defender works well against standard threats in test lab ratings, but more updates would be good, some features only work with Microsoft's browser, anti-phishing may be weak, and Defender allows a lot of "bloatware" (non-destructive ads, etc) to run. Defender is supported by Microsoft documentation and AI bots and does have some advanced features like fighting ransomware by storing data in the cloud, and child control. Defender knows to step back when it detects another antivirus system installed, which is great. For free antivirus, Defender is pretty good and does NOT have the annoying feature of always trying to up sell itself whenever opened.

9. Kaspersky

Screenshot of Kaspersky. Kaspersky runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Kaspersky was founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky, a Russian military cybersecurity expert who removed his first virus in 1989. Kaspersky is popular and installed on 400 million clients in 200+ countries. Kaspersky is a premier service that always rates at the top of industry trials, Kaspersky offers advanced features like intelligent ad blocking that will not disable websites, tools to block hackers from accessing cameras, alerts when malware attempts to harvest data, and the ability to stop malware before it is installed instead of just detecting it, Kaspersky KIds is a system to track, screen, monitor and block children's locations and social media use. Some tools don't work as well on iOS as on Androids and PCs. In 2017, the Wall Street Journal alleged that in 2015, Kaspersky helped Russia steal data from the home PC of an NSA contractor. Recently Kaspersky has refused to condemn Russia, leading some experts to withdraw their recommendation.

10. Total AV

Screenshot of Total AV. Total AV runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Offers powerful real-time malware detection as it earned almost perfect rates of malware detection.

Have some extremely useful features such as robust online security capabilities and different data privacy measures, all of these inside an easy-to-use and simple user interface (UI).

Includes anti-phishing protection, system cleanup, VPN (a virtual private network), data breach monitoring, password manager, identity theft monitoring (which is only available for the United States-based consumers), and so on.

The anti-phishing protection is superior to that of Chrome and Firefox's built-in protection, the device optimization tools are fantastic for improving system performance, and the virtual private network (VPN) is one of the best on the market in terms of speed, reliability, and the ability to access Netflix and other streaming services.

Provides a range of plans that are inexpensive and cover all of the main operating systems, are less expensive than the majority of its rivals with a money-back guarantee for a period of thirty days.

11. SysTweak Antivirus

Screenshot of SysTweak Antivirus. SysTweak Antivirus runs on Windows.

SysTweak is a software company that gives IT solutions, services, and protection through its system. It was founded in 1999 by Shrishail Rana in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The system they use is very simple, even novice users can use it. They have more than 100 employees serving more than 10 million satisfied customers. Their product can be used for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, photography, music apps, and backup apps. One of their most important tools is the antivirus which can be used for Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. Exploit and malware protection will ensure your PC is safe from malware, trojan, and adware. Thie real-time protection will neutralize the threat of viruses the second it enters. It also cleans any malicious startup items that will compromise the performance of your computer. It has 3 types of plans namely individual, multi-device, and family which are priced at 39.95 dollars, 49.95 dollars, and 59.95 dollars respectively. This internet security system is the winner of multiple awards. It also gives firewall protection, web protection, and exploit protection.

12. BullGuard

Screenshot of BullGuard. BullGuard runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

BullGuard was founded in 2002 in London by Danish experts, and now has offices around the western world. BullGuard's motto is "Safe. Simple. BullGuard." Their logo is modelled after an employee's pet dog named Winston, who still visits the offices. Bullguard's focus is on ease of use. They offer Bullguard Mobile Security as a separate flagship product. Bullguard has won awards and broken records over the years but is not now included in every industry test. Bullguard is known to perform very well on lab tests for malware and viruses but may need improvement on anti-phishing protection. They offer firewall protection with network scanning, whitelisting and parental controls, "Sentry" protection against "zero-day " (previously unknown exploits) leveraging machine learning, and a "Spamfilter" for email. A gaming feature helps Bullguard not slow down gaming performance with scans. Most game features shut down scans, but Bullguard actually optimizes gaming performance.

13. MalwareBytes

Screenshot of MalwareBytes. MalwareBytes runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Malware is one of the biggest threats to your computer's safety. It is a type of software designed to work for malicious purposes: from stealing your identity, to holding your digital files to ransom. If you want to be confident that your device is secured against these threats, MalwareBytes is a smart and effective choice. MalwareBytes not only protects against malware, but by working in real-time it also prevents future infections, meaning that you can be preemptively shielded from attacks. This software uses clever technology to hide from malware too, so that it is masked from detection from vicious malware looking to exploit it. It expertly shields against a vast array of malware, including trojans, worms, bots and spyware, so that you can be assured in the knowledge that it's got all bases covered. Download today to secure your iOS, Android, Chrome, or Windows operating systems against malware attacks.

14. ESET NOD32

Screenshot of ESET NOD32. ESET NOD32 runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

ESET NOD32 is one of the most sophisticated and versatile antiviruses that exist, being recognized by the community as one of the five best antiviruses today. ESET NOD32 has stood out from other antiviruses for being software with multiple features of protection and security, being very effective to detect and contain in real-time any virus, spyware, or malicious program. Among its features, we can highlight the low consumption of system resources, which makes it an ideal antivirus for any computer or mobile device. In addition, thanks to its ThreatSense engine, it can make quick scans throughout the system to eliminate any threat. Every time it detects new malware, it adds it to its database to prevent future threats. ESET NOD32 has received multiple evaluations by independent companies such as Canon, and, among others, in fact, it has more than 60 approved evaluations. ESET NOD 32 is a complete antivirus capable of providing greater protection than traditional software.

15. ClamAV

Screenshot of ClamAV. ClamAV runs on Mac, Linux.

ClamAV is one of the few open-source antiviruses, which has become very popular and effective thanks to the community and all the developers worldwide who help to make it safer and more efficient every day. ClamAV works with an advanced engine that can scan multiple threads in real-time to keep the computer safe from any virus, Trojan, or malicious program. Unlike traditional antivirus programs, ClamAV's main feature is the detection and blocking of malware coming from emails. One of its best features is that it quickly locates and adds new viruses to its database thanks to the collaboration of all the people who use ClamAV and send in their scan logs. In fact, according to the latest report, it has detected more than 320,000 viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malicious programs. This antivirus supports 32 and 64-bit operating systems and can scan special formats such as HTML, PDF, and many more.

16. Trend Micro

Screenshot of Trend Micro. Trend Micro runs on Windows.

Trend Micro is a cyber security platform that gives protection to users from viruses and malware through its system. This platform was founded 33 years ago on 24th October 1988 by Eva Chen, Steve Chang, and Jenny Chang. Its headquarters is based in Irving, Texas, USA. Its operational and R$D headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, and Taipei, Taiwan. It has more than 7000 employees with a revenue of 1.746 billion. One of the best features is security risk protection, which protects you from viruses, adware, and malware using the OfficeScan server. With the web reputation combined with OfficeScan, it will protect you even from outside the network. It also has enhanced antispyware capabilities and comes with a plug-in manager and programs. It also provides a very high-status firewall for protection and damage cleanup service which will clean up your system in case of any viruses are attached. More than 500,000 companies rely heavily on this platform to work safely.

17. Panda Security

Screenshot of Panda Security. Panda Security runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Panda Security was founded in Spain in 1990, now acquired by Watch Guard in Seattle. Panda offers Panda Dome security as a premium product, which has won many awards over the years. Dome has many features, like a VPN, a simple parental control/child guard, and permission-based ransomware protection. Panda Dome has cool advanced features such as available deep file encryption with a file shredder, a virtual keyboard to evade potential key loggers, USB monitoring for threats, and a pretty unique Rescue Kit, which installs through the USB port to remove malware from an infected computer. Panda Dome is a bit expensive but offers a 30-day free trial and discounts for multiple installs. The VPN does zero logging, but has limited (150mg per day) data and may be slow for downloads. Panda's scores are not perfect from test labs on malware and antivirus performance. The Mac iOS version scores better than PCs on anti-phishing, but otherwise has limited functionality.

18. VirusTotal

Screenshot of VirusTotal. VirusTotal runs on Web.

VirusTotal is available as a webpage, a browser extension, and an App, and it allows users to scan files and URLs, analysing them for possible malware and other malicious threats. A key benefit of VirusTotal is that it can catch suspicious files that may have been missed by users' existing anti-virus software. It is also a free service that can be used on a computer or a smartphone, making it a budget-friendly and accessible option for anyone who wants to protect their devices. The App will enable a user to check for types of malware such as trojans, worms and viruses, flagging any potentially harmful content on their phone. VirusTotal also helps other anti-virus software developers to fine-tune their malware-catching capabilities by sharing scanning reports, raising the global security standard for customers and professionals alike. Use VirusTotal today to detect anything suspect that your existing software may have missed, and protect all of your devices.