Similar Software to Linode: 30 best alternatives for 2023

We have 30 alternatives to Linode. The best Linode alternatives are Dreamhost, Hostwinds, and DigitalOcean.
Name Platforms
Dreamhost Web.
Hostwinds Web.
DigitalOcean Web. Web.
Bluehost Web.
OVHCloud Web. Web.
Tresorit Web, Windows, Mac.
WebFlow Web.
Network Solutions Web.
GoDaddy Web.
Pagely Web.
WP Engine Web.
Kinsta Web.
Hostgator Web.
Namecheap Web.
Mega Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Elephant Drive Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
DigiBoxx Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
NameSilo Web.
Pydio Web, Windows, Mac, Linux.
Apple iCloud Web, Windows, Mac, iOS.
Egnyte Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
SugarSync Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Resilio Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
Dropbox Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
Google Drive Web, iOS, Android.
MediaFire Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
IDrive Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.
pCloud Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Linode is a company that provides business professionals access to virtual machines. It was founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker who wanted to make virtual Linux systems affordable and easy to use by the public. Linode has a built-in app designer that makes it easy for you to create web and mobile apps for your business. Minimal coding is required to create beautiful apps that your customers will love to use. All virtual machines include a user-friendly version of Linux if you want to create more advanced applications. They also offer cloud storage, managed databases, and cloud firewalls. They really take cloud computing to the next level by offering virtual machines that can emulate high memory and CPU clock speeds so that you can run high-performance applications without having to purchase new hardware. Linode plans start at $0.05 cents per hour for a virtual Linux system with 2 CPUs, 4GB of RAM, and an 80GB SSD.

1. Dreamhost

Screenshot of Dreamhost. Dreamhost runs on Web.

Dreamhost is a web hosting company that was founded in 1997 with the goal of providing affordable and reliable hosting services. It is one of the few web hosts that offer a 97-day money-back guarantee, which gives users plenty of time to decide if their service is right for them. Dreamhost offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth, as well as a free domain name for the first year. The majority of their plans also include a free SSL certificate that most other hosts charge extra for. One of the best features of Dreamhost is its user-friendly control panel. This makes it easy for new users to set up their website and start publishing content almost immediately. Dreamhost also offers a wide range of tutorials and support articles that can help users get the most out of their hosting plan. With various hosting options to choose from, Dreamhost is a great choice for small businesses, bloggers, and anyone else who needs a reliable hosting service at a reasonable cost.

2. Hostwinds

Screenshot of Hostwinds. Hostwinds runs on Web.

Hostwinds is a website hosting provider that stores the necessary data on a server so that your website can be viewable to the public. It was created in 2015 by Peter Holden who wanted to create an affordable option for the everyday person who wants to start a website. They have 4 different hosting options to accommodate your needs which are all customizable, and they can prioritize resources for you to make your website run as smoothly as possible. Along with web hosting, they also offer cloud servers, VPS hosting, or a dedicated server in case you need full control over how your website operates. Hostwinds offers 24/7 customer support that is readily available and reliable. Their servers also have a 99% uptime which means your website will virtually always be online. Hostwinds plans start at $6.74 per month as of this writing and include hosting for 1 domain, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage.

3. DigitalOcean

Screenshot of DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean runs on Web.

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform that provides developers with on-demand access to virtual servers. Started in 2011, the company has become one of the most popular choices for developers who want to get their applications off the ground quickly and easily. The company offers a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating and managing Droplets, which are the individual compute instances running on Digital Ocean's infrastructure. Developers can use Droplets to deploy web applications, create custom software stacks, or run their own computing tasks. Digital Ocean has become a popular choice for developers thanks to its competitive pricing, easy-to-use interface, and wide range of features. The company is also known for its fast and reliable customer support. DigitalOcean's target market consists of web developers and other technical professionals. However, the company's services can be used by anyone with an internet-connected device. With a free account, developers can create one Droplet and get $20 in credits to use for testing and development. Paid plans start at $20/month for a single CPU and 512 MB of memory.


Screenshot of runs on Web.

Operating as a domain registrar since 2000, has earned a place in the market thanks to the variety of high-quality services they offer that are related to hosting. In addition, is one of the few green hostings that exists since according to their latest report, they generate close to 100% of the energy they consume through wind power. It has a Plesk control panel, which allows the users to move through the entire platform easily. has both Linux and Windows servers, each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and the prices of both servers have a small variation, so each user can choose the server that best suits their needs. Besides, it offers more than 300 domain extensions at a competitive price, such as the .store extension for only $9.99 for the first year. This domain registrar is so simple to use that it is perfect for people who are looking to have their first website, as it not only provides SSL security certificates, but the hosting servers have the best security technology.

5. Bluehost

Screenshot of Bluehost. Bluehost runs on Web.

Bluehost is positioned as one of the best web hosts available worldwide. The main users of Bluehost choose it for its quality-price ratio, being considered one of the most economical, and at the same time, it offers the services of the most expensive hostings. Currently, it has hosted over 2 million websites, which makes it one of the most used web hosts, most of them being small businesses on the Internet. Bluehost provides a wide range of services, such as hosting, domain registration, and WordPress builder, among others, and thanks to that, they receive about 20 thousand new users every month. Among the best features of Bluehost are that it does not outsource its core activities, which makes its service more secure and reliable because everything is under its own control. Besides, it provides a fast and efficient site migration, allowing the site to remain active throughout the migration. Likewise, it has excellent customer service with the availability of consultations by phone line, email, live chat, or tickets, which respond in less than 12 hours.

6. OVHCloud

Screenshot of OVHCloud. OVHCloud runs on Web.

OVHcloud is a cloud computing platform that allows developers and entrepreneurs access to high-performance virtual machines. It was created in 1999 by Octave Klaba who initially wanted to build an affordable website hosting platform that was transparent about pricing to its customers. OVHcloud has built a fiber-optic network that spans the globe to create one of the most reliable and secure cloud computing platforms available today. It's a forward-thinking company that uses sustainable energy to power its 33 data centers so that they don't have to spend money on air conditioning, and they can in turn provide surplus energy to the community. OVH uses a hosted private cloud infrastructure powered by VMware to allow business owners to port their existing virtual machines to a faster and more efficient system without making any changes to their business processes. Your employees won't have to learn any new skills or processes because it directly transfers all the software and data that they already work with on a daily basis to the new platform.


Screenshot of runs on Web. is a hosting company with more than 20 years of experience that provides a wide range of services from web hosting to domain management. In fact, has evolved over the years and has become the perfect company to help small entrepreneurs and large companies to set up their websites and keep them safe.

Gandi has an extensive catalogue of more than 800 extensions, which can be adapted to the theme and style of each company. Among its services we can find, web hosting at a low cost with a special offer of 50% OFF on the first order, also provides unlimited SSL certificates for users who hire the hosting service for at least one year, which helps to improve security and search engine rankings.

Besides, also offers more advanced services such as DNS Anycast, anti-DDoS solutions, and free APIs, with which you can automate the management of products and other services.

8. Tresorit

Screenshot of Tresorit. Tresorit runs on Web, Windows, Mac.

Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption to give safe cloud storage to the customers. This is one of the fastest-growing cyber security companies in Europe and one of the safest. This company was founded in 2011 by Istvan Lam, Szilveszter Szebeni and Gyorgy Szilagyi. This software can be used in Windows. macOS, Android, iOS, Windows phone, and Linux. It is available in English, German, French and Hungarian languages. This is a simple file sharing and secured way for any business and more than 10,000 organizations believe in them. It comes with Swiss privacy that gives stronger security. They have more than 10 data residency to choose from, are GPDR-ready, comply with HIPAA, and are certified with ISO 27001. They have both internal and external file exchange and teamwork collaboration which will avoid editing conflict and make transactions simple. You can keep working even when it is offline and can access documents from all over your devices. Apart from this they also have browser access, custom branding, a priority support admin centre dashboard, single sign-on and multi-platform support. The best part is you can try this software free for 14 days without any limitations.

9. WebFlow

Screenshot of WebFlow. WebFlow runs on Web.

Webflow is a website builder that allows everyday people to create beautiful websites without having to write any code. It was created in 2013 by Vlad Magdalin, Sergie Magdalin, and Bryant Chou who aimed at making the most user-friendly website builder available. Webflow is incredibly easy to use. It uses a drag and drop system to design your website by simply dragging objects onto the canvas and editing them to your liking. The style and CSS properties of each element can be configured using the sliders and menus on the right of the screen. While you don't have to actually type any code, there may be a slight learning curve for those who are unfamiliar with how CSS works. You'll have to structure your elements in a concise way so that your design will fit all of the elements on screen properly. Webflow is free to get started with full control of your design, but if you want to have a custom domain or enable e-commerce you'll need to sign up for a plan starting at $15 per month.

10. Network Solutions

Screenshot of Network Solutions. Network Solutions runs on Web.

Network Solutions is a company that was founded in 1979, but began providing domain registration services in 1993 and hosting since 2005, so they have many years of experience providing high-quality services and security. Currently, they are one of the hosting specialized in WordPress, because they have a wide base of professionals in this area that provide support to the companies that hire their services. In addition to hosting services, Network Solutions also provides security services, marketing, e-commerce, and many more. Network Solutions has stood out for so long in this market thanks to its high-quality services such as, for example, the space they offer in the hosting with 15 GB from the cheapest plan to unlimited space in the Professional Plus plan. Besides, all plans include a free SSL certificate and personalized e-mail accounts, as well as the option to choose according to the company if it is .org, .cloud, or .net, among others. The most popular plan of the company is the Professional plan because it allows hosting of up to three domains, has solid security and is economical.

11. GoDaddy

Screenshot of GoDaddy. GoDaddy runs on Web.

GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain registration company that was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. It offers users the ability to register a domain name, create a website, and host their website online. Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it popular among businesses and individuals who are looking to get started with a website. What makes GoDaddy unique is that it offers a wide range of features for businesses of all sizes. It has plans that start at $0.99/on the first month and offer a wide variety of features, such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, email accounts, and more. Additional features that are available for paid subscription plans include a free SSL certificate, daily backups, and malware removal. GoDaddy is also perfect for businesses that are looking to get started online. It offers a wide range of plans that are easy to use and affordable. In addition, it has a team of experts who can help users get started and are available 24/hours a day, 7 days a week.

12. Pagely

Screenshot of Pagely. Pagely runs on Web.

Pagely is the brainchild of a team of web developers who were frustrated with the limitations of traditional hosting solutions. Co-Founder Joshua Strebel had the idea to create a managed hosting platform that would take care of all the nitty-gritty details for users so they could focus on their business. In 2006, they set out to create a hosting platform that would allow businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of scalable WordPress hosting. Since its inception, Pagely has been at the forefront of WordPress innovation, developing new products and features that have helped make WordPress the leading content management system on the web. Their team of experts is constantly working to ensure that Pagely's platform is the most reliable and secure WordPress hosting solution available. Pagely's flagship product is its Managed WordPress Hosting Platform. This platform is designed to provide businesses with everything they need to host a fast, scalable, and secure WordPress website. It includes automatic backups, malware scanning, and removal, 24/7 support, and much more.

13. WP Engine

Screenshot of WP Engine. WP Engine runs on Web.

WP Engine is a web hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting. They offer a suite of tools and services to make it easy for users to set up and manage their WordPress site. WP Engine is the only host endorsed by The company was founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen, who is also the founder of Smart Bear Software. WP Engine has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications for its innovative products and exceptional customer service. WP Engine is a great choice for WordPress site owners who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing their site is being hosted on a platform that is endorsed by Perfect for small-scale businesses to full-time bloggers and larger companies, WP Engine allows companies to get started with WordPress without having to worry about the technical details. Their platform is fast, reliable, and secure. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, WP Engine is a risk-free choice for WordPress site owners.

14. Kinsta

Screenshot of Kinsta. Kinsta runs on Web.

Kinsta is a website hosting platform that offers managed WordPress hosting for developers and entrepreneurs. Kinsta was created in 2013 by Mark Gavalda who set out to create the best WordPress hosting platform in the world. Kinsta is built on the Google Cloud Platform which allows access to both virtual servers and physical machines to make your website run quickly and smoothly. The Premier Tier Network that it runs on delivers data to users around the world in the most secure way possible. They provide affordable Linux Containers to store website data separately from their main servers which provide an added level of security. The Kinsta dashboard is designed specifically for WordPress users who want a user-friendly experience that gives complete control over the design of their website. It saves time on repetitive tasks with its ability to update PHP and make edits to multiple WordPress sites simultaneously. Kinsta starts at $30 per month for 1 WordPress site, 10 GB of storage, and 25,000 website visitors.

15. Hostgator

Screenshot of Hostgator. Hostgator runs on Web.

One of the most popular hosting companies up to date, Hostgator, once started as a small startup in 2002. Brent Oxley, a student at the time, created the company in his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. Hostgator is now one of the largest hosting companies in the world, with over eight million domains hosted on its servers. It offers a variety of services, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. What makes Hostgator popular among businesses is its affordability (it has some of the most competitive prices in the hosting industry) and its wide range of features. Hostgator also offers 24/hour customer support, which is available through phone, email, and chat. It also has a wide variety of tutorials and articles that can help users get started with their website or blog. Hostgator is perfect for individuals, businesses, bloggers,s, and entrepreneurs looking for an affordable, reliable, and feature-rich hosting company. It offers a variety of subscription plans, with a free domain upon signing up for your first hosting plan.

16. Namecheap

Screenshot of Namecheap. Namecheap runs on Web.

NameCheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. It is a domain name registrar and web hosting company that is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company has over two million customers and provides a wide range of services, including domain name registration, web hosting, email addresses, SSL certificates, and more. NameCheap is known for its competitive prices and excellent customer service. It is one of the few domain name registrars that offer a free whois privacy protection with each domain name registration, something that's hard to come by to these days. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to register and manage domains. The company is also transparent about its pricing, which makes it a popular choice among businesses and individuals. As a domain name registration and web hosting company, NameCheap has become one of the most popular providers in the world. It has a large customer base and provides a wide range of services that are affordable and easy to use.

17. Mega

Screenshot of Mega. Mega runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. or commonly known as Mega is a platform that gives services for cloud storage and file hosting. It was developed by Mega. ltd and its initial release were on 18th January 2013 which was 9 years ago. It is written in PHP, C++, Java, Javascript, and Objective-C. It can be used in Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows phone, and browser extensions. It is available in 18 languages. This software is reliable, secure, powerful, transparent, generous, lots of privacy and the best part is very cheap. You can chat securely on Mega without any outside interference. It also automatically backup all photos and videos and synchronize them between the computer and Mega cloud. It gives massive cloud storage and you can download all the files from this software through the link without the need to ever sign up. There are also transfer managers available to securely transfer your files without any issue. It can be used on your mobile phone and also desktop. Once you register, you will get 20 GB of free storage. Currently, there are 258 thousand users on this platform.

18. Elephant Drive

Screenshot of Elephant Drive. Elephant Drive runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Elephant Drive is used as an online backup tool with a virtual storage system. Its developer is and they made the initial release in April 2006. It can be used in both Windows and Mac and is available in the English language. You can simply store every video, audio, and file in either personal plan which gives 1000 GB storage, supports 10 devices, 1 sub-account, and 10 GB maximum file size or you can choose the Family file plan which gives 2000 GB storage, supports 25 devices, 10 sub-account and 25 to 50 GB max file size. You can also use this software on tablets and mobile phones. It uses AES-256 bit encryption and channels that are secured by SSL. It also easily syncs all files within all connected devices so that you can share easily. All network-attached storage is integrated with this software and it back up automatically. Your file and your personal details are very safe here because they will never monetize them. Apart from that they also have local server options, cloud backup, data recovery, multiple format support, collaboration tools, multiple system support, two-way synchronization, backup log, version control, and search and filter option for all the files.

19. DigiBoxx

Screenshot of DigiBoxx. DigiBoxx runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

DigiBoxx is a cloud storage and data management app that is launched by NITI Aayog in India. It is one of the SAAS with its motto "Create in India, Store in India." which focuses on data localization and national security. In this platform, you will see the 4 storage plans to choose from Free, Individuals/Freelancers, Small Business, and Enterprises Plans. The Free plans let a user store their files for up to 20 GB for free with a maximum size of 2GB of 1 file. For the Individuals/Freelancers Plan, they can get a 2 TB storage capacity with a maximum of 10GB for one file and they can pay Rs 30 only. Small Businesses can have it used by up to 500 users with up to 25 TB space for only Rs 999. And lastly, for the Enterprise Plan, big businesses can use this storage for as many data files as they can. It is limitless data storage that can save any size of the file and can accommodate more than 500 users.

20. NameSilo

Screenshot of NameSilo. NameSilo runs on Web.

While many domain registrars are now available, it is still difficult to find one that is reliable, secure, and does not take up the entire budget of the company. On the other hand, the competition for good domains is getting fiercer and fiercer as it has become almost a necessity for any company to have a website. This is where NameSilo stands out as an easy-to-use, secure domain registrar with a variety of prices that allow any professional or small business to have a top-notch website.

NameSilo has a range of tools to help you manage your website, plus they specialize in DNS management and domain registrar, in fact, they already have more than two million domain names registered and active. Among the services offered by NameSilo, we can highlight WHOIS privacy, easy API access, the possibility to manage accounts and DNS, as well as SSL certificates and domain transfers. Besides, NameSilo is ideal for people who buy and sell domains as it offers domains starting at $0.99 when purchased in bulk.

21. Pydio

Screenshot of Pydio. Pydio runs on Web, Windows, Mac, Linux.

Pydio is an open-source platform that does software synchronization and file sharing to customers. Its original author was Charles Du Jeu who created it in 2007 under another name. The developer is Abstrium SAS. Its initial release was 4 years ago on 16th May 2018. This software is written in Go and PHP and can be used in Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. It uses x86_64 and PHP platforms. This platform is available in 11 languages. You can internally share files with any other users of Pydio. It comes with SSL/TLS encryption for better security. The WebDAV file server is also included. It comes in 3 plans the home, Connect, and Enterprise with different types of features in storage, workspace, user directory, compliance audits, security features, branding, scheduler, deployment, and other access. It is easy to access the documents shall are centralized. You can customize your Pydio and brand them, and comes with metadata, tagging, and granular permission control. Their plan is priced at 2980 euros per year for connecting and 3980 Euros per year for the enterprise. But you can always start with the home which is free.

22. Apple iCloud

Screenshot of Apple iCloud. Apple iCloud runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS.

The Apple iCloud service is available for all Apple devices, both personal and professional, and offers the most features for the best cost of any cloud storage service in the world. With iCloud, Apple offers a way for people to store their documents, contacts, photos and videos in the cloud while they can easily sync those devices across the internet. With iCloud it's easy and hassle-free to back up all your data without worrying about syncing. It also makes it easier to share files with friends and family and it keeps them up-to-date, even if you've changed phones. iCloud allows users to store their documents in the cloud, with a personal storage allowance given to every subscriber of 5GB. It's easy to share photos with iCloud. If a user wants to share a photo with their family, they could just log onto their iCloud account from any Apple device and select the photos they want to share.

23. Egnyte

Screenshot of Egnyte. Egnyte runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Egnyte is an all-in-one cloud-based sharing platform that is easy and simple to use. It is a file-sharing platform that has a comprehensive content management feature for the enterprise which enables any organization to maintain productivity and security at the same time. It is selling cloud-based software that provides content security and collaboration tools for any business. Egnyte's data servers store all the encrypted confidential data and passwords and are promised to be as safe as making online banking transactions. When we talk about selecting a quality document management system, Egnyte comes as the top choice on the list. For as low as $20 per user per month, you can fuel your business's growth with its significant enhancement in securing your files against any form of ransomware. Just recently, Egnyte wins the 10th Annual Awards Program by Cyber Defense Magazine as the 2022 Global Info Sec Awards in Data Governance and Data Security.

24. SugarSync

Screenshot of SugarSync. SugarSync runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

SugarSync is an online data storage and cloud backup service that helps a user to secure files, and help sync and share different files such as documents, music, photos, and videos. Apart from that, it offers cross-device compatibility and mobile apps. Users of SugarSync find it easy to share folders and files whether in public or private. It provides full file structure and backup capacity and most importantly, it gives information to the users who are accessing their data. This is a great choice for a collaboration on your team's projects since you can auto-sync as many folders as you want. Just one change to the file can instantly be applied to all of your devices through the cloud. Overall, you can the complete control over how you share your files. For personal use, you have 3 options to choose from, in a monthly-based subscription: 100 GB for only $7.49, 250 GB for only $9.99, and 500 GB for only $18.95. For the Business, you can get 1000 GB and that is for only $55 per month.

25. Resilio

Screenshot of Resilio. Resilio runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Resilio is an easy and fast file sync solution that gives unlimited storage for a price starting at $30 per month that is good for the 5 users. It is a file delivery system that enables enterprises to accelerate innovation, optimize IT, and securely unify the core and cloud to enable IT to automate data management and speed up the performance by up to 20 times. It has a scaleout data movement at a location or network. It protects and ensures file data's integrity across all places. Its cloud file storage capacity is efficient and real-time. It optimizes your file servers to minimize egress fees in cloud storage. It is also keeping the server's real-time file sync across all locations. It has invested much in Sync primarily because the BitTorrent technology allows them to efficiently move the data between devices and users. You can 3 categories to choose from: Connect for enterprises, sync for small businesses, and sync home for personal use.

26. Dropbox

Screenshot of Dropbox. Dropbox runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows users to store, share and access files of various formats from their computer or mobile device (laptop, phone, tablet) at any time and from any location. Dropbox is a free platform which allows users to have 2GB of data storage for free. The basic features are similar to that of Google drive. It is easy to use and it is compatible with a variety of operating systems like; Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. The link service has developed various applications which can be downloaded from its website. These applications enable users to upload, edit and share information with others. Dropbox also provides some business features like OneDrive and G Suite. These business features are aimed at providing corporations such as Microsoft and Google. The app can be used to manage business files and also share them with other colleagues. The files can be accessed anywhere by anyone.

27. Google Drive

Screenshot of Google Drive. Google Drive runs on Web, iOS, Android.

GOOGLE DRIVE is a digital product that works as a data storage service that is stored in the cloud, i.e. the online platform that can be accessed through any device that is connected to the Internet. GOOGLE DRIVE allows you to copy files from your computer to be stored in the cloud. If you want to edit these documents, you must first download them to your computer. This service allows you to create documents directly from the platform through Google Docs. It is a free service that is part of Gmail. This product also includes other free applications such as a translator, calendar and photo viewer. To use GOOGLE DRIVE, simply login to your Gmail account from any device and access your data and documents stored in the cloud. Your documents can be shared with other users so that they can view them in real-time, which facilitates group work.

28. MediaFire

Screenshot of MediaFire. MediaFire runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

MediaFire is a Texas-based file synchronized cloud storage service provider that is founded 16 years ago by Tom Langridge and Derek Laban. It has a huge number of 43 million registered users who are using this service to store their files with no second thoughts. Some of them even stored sensitive and private data files yet it is stored safely, away from the criminal hands of hackers. The price bracket of this file-sharing platform is quite impressive and affordable. If you plan to use this for your personal use, you can use its Free File Storage option, and you are given 10 Gb of space. However, if you are a single user and plan to use it for a greater level, you can enjoy it for only $3.75/month. It will give you 1TB of memory space with a feature of password protection for the files and it is ad-free. If you are a business owner that needs huge data space, you can use it for only $40/month and that is good for 100 users under your business. Mediafire will let you download and share files and folders ad-free for up to 100TB of data space.

29. IDrive

Screenshot of IDrive. IDrive runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux.

IDrive currently occupies one of the top positions in terms of cloud storage services because it backs up and protects all your devices for the same price. Since its launch, IDrive has stood out for being a high-quality service that keeps your files protected and has a simple interface so that users can access their backups easily and simply.

It offers multiple backup functions, which allow people to upload their files to the cloud and thus prevent the hard drive of their computers from filling up and having to look for one with more capacity.

It should be noted that computers and mobile devices work better if their hard drive is not full, not to mention the advantage of being able to access your files in the cloud no matter where you are. In addition, IDrive currently offers a free plan of 5 GB upon registration, and if you need more storage space, you can upgrade to the business plan that offers up to 50 TB in the cloud.

30. pCloud

Screenshot of pCloud. pCloud runs on Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

pCloud is an online platform that gives cloud storage in an easy way for individuals and enterprises. It was founded by Tunio Zafer in 2013 and it is based in Switzerland. He is also the CEO of the company. Currently, 14 million users are using this platform on their computers. Its file management is super good because you can easily search for files at the top part, filter using file format, and delete them. It will remain in your trash bin for 15 to 30 days depending on the plan you choose but alternatively, you can delete it yourself. You can save unlimited file sizes and it comes with unlimited upload and download speed. You can share a private folder with others by using the invite to folder option. You can also share links and request files with one click. You can also direct link to a folder or file by using the public folder option. This platform uses TLS/SSL encryption for your content safety. This software can be used for web, drives, and mobile. You can restore the previous version with the revision option or you can use the rewind option to back and see all your past versions. You can record all the files for 1 year and recover back if deleted.