Similar Software to Zoosk: 17 best alternatives for 2023

We have 17 alternatives to Zoosk. The best Zoosk alternatives are Hot or Not, Luxy, and Tinder.
Name Platforms
Hot or Not Web, iOS, Android.
Luxy Web, iOS, Android.
Tinder Web, iOS, Android. Web, iOS, Android.
Badoo Web, iOS, Android.
Plenty of Fish Web, iOS, Android.
DATEnhance Web, iOS, Android.
Bumble iOS, Android.
Feeld Web.
OKCupid Web, iOS, Android.
Hinge Web, iOS, Android.
Grindr Web, iOS, Android.
Coffee Meets Bagel Web, iOS, Android.
Parship Web, iOS, Android.
Happn Web, iOS, Android.
Lovoo Web, iOS, Android.
Kippo Web, iOS, Android.

Zoosk is one of the most popular dating apps available and offers services in over 80 countries and 25 different languages. Zoosk helps personalize your dating experience and now serves over 35 million members. Zoosk has a mission to lead people to more fulfilling love life in every aspect of their relationships. Zoosk runs its company with a diverse assortment of employees from various backgrounds and cultures. Zoosk employees are a team of passionate, collaborative, and innovative people who believe in giving back to the community. Zoosk donates to various charities and organizations, offering a helping hand to local groups and organizations. Zoosk is a company that is always looking for ways to grow and also ways to contribute back along the way. By joining Zoosk, you will find unlimited options to search for the perfect companion. You can build relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime and, at the same time, know that any contributions made will be diverse back into the local communities.

1. Hot or Not

Screenshot of Hot or Not. Hot or Not runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Hot or Not is a dating site but its new name is Chat and Date. People can find others that they are interested in based on their pictures. That is why it's so important that they have a great picture that they can put on the site. Some people have a friend or relative take a good photo of them or they can find a professional to do so. They will be able to go online with their iPhone or Android and access this site.

Since many people find someone that they can really like, this is a good site for single people to use on a regular basis. They need to know that they don't want to give up on finding someone too soon. It will happen for them if they are patient and really care. Based on its success, this is a site that many people like to use when they are single.

2. Luxy

Screenshot of Luxy. Luxy runs on Web, iOS, Android.

When someone that is single has a lot of money, they will want to try their luck on Luxy. Luxy is a site that attracts upper-class singles and millionaires. This is the site where people will find someone that they will really like when they make their profiles really interesting and always use some great photos.

They always want to make sure that they are following all the rules when they join Luxy. People have had a lot of success with this dating site. They will even be able to go online by using their Android or iPhone. They won't have to wait a long time to become interested in someone else. When they take their time, they can make sure that they feel comfortable with someone before they go out and meet them in person. This way, they are not giving out too much information over the internet at all.

3. Tinder

Screenshot of Tinder. Tinder runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Tinder has revolutionized the world of online dating thanks to its simple operation, which has been the basis of its global success. Tinder has been downloaded more than 350 million times and can currently be used in 190 countries and more than 40 languages. For many years, this dating app has remained one of the most profitable and used apps of its kind, and although it can be used for free, many users choose to subscribe to Tinder Premium for all the features it offers. What made Tinder such a popular app was its innovative feature that allows you to decide who you like and who you don't like. With this system, when two people have liked each other a match is produced. At that moment, the two persons can start talking privately because otherwise, you can not chat privately with someone who has not given you a like. This dating app is available for iOS, Android, and HMS, also it works on the most popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome, among others.


Screenshot of runs on Web, iOS, Android. is a dating app that many people are using. It's one of the first ones that came out and they create millions of matches all of the time. People are able to meet other singles by simply going to the online platform. They fill out a profile so that other people will know more about them. Using a picture always helps and giving information on age, gender, and interests will find a person what they may be looking for.

People are free to choose the matches that they want to communicate with. They can also stop communicating with anyone that they choose to. Paying for a subscription will help a person to find someone in a quicker way. They should be sure that they can afford it and utilize it to the fullest. It will work well for them if they don't give up and try to meet people.

5. Badoo

Screenshot of Badoo. Badoo runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Badoo is an online dating-focus network where users can chat, meet, and date people. Its role is to connect the members who are perfectly matched. It has an Encounters feature that let the matching of the users done efficiently. It is a location-based social networking site where people that share the same interests as you are nearby. This is a great choice if you wish to look for a date in a place you are just recently visiting. Badoo is mostly used by young adults aged 25 to 35 years old. Most of these adults use this site to make new friends. It is easy to use however if you want to unlock its premium features, you can select from its packages ranging from $2.99 up to $19.99. There are over 300 million people who use Badoo. This app is downloadable for iOS and Android mobile. They can also sign up on this site using their Facebook for authentication and an email address.

6. Plenty of Fish

Screenshot of Plenty of Fish. Plenty of Fish runs on Web, iOS, Android.

When you're single and you're looking for someone that you have something in common with, you want to try your hand on the platform. Make sure that you fill out a profile that will allow you to tell others about yourself. Follow the rules of the site so that you can meet others whom you might get along with. Be yourself all of the time and you'll be successful at meeting someone that you like.

With Plenty of Fish, you're able to choose a plan that you feel will benefit you. Make sure that you think it over because you want to find someone as soon as you can. It will make a difference in your life in a big way. You won't be lonely when you take the time to go online and search out different matches. It can take a while but you'll find someone that you click with.

7. DATEnhance

Screenshot of DATEnhance. DATEnhance runs on Web, iOS, Android.

When people are single, they may have trouble meeting someone that they can feel comfortable with. That is why they go online with their iPhone or Android and visit DATEnhance. DATEnhance is a site that they can use to attract someone that might have the best qualities for them. It's simple to use and people do try to make very good profiles to attract other people to them.

It's important to stay safe when using online dating sites. A person should not include their personal information until they know that they can trust someone. This is so they can avoid a troubled person. It will take some time to find the right one but dating sites really work. Lots of people use DATEnhance and have a lot of success with it. They never know when they might get a person that really makes them feel comfortable and that they want to get to know better.

8. Bumble

Screenshot of Bumble. Bumble runs on iOS, Android.

Bumble is a social networking app that is perfect for singles who want to make friends and meet new people. This dating app is kind of like the Tinder app - if two users both swipe right, then they match. It allows users to search for acquaintances and business connections, and not just purely for dates. It is a good choice for trying new things and meeting younger and more energetic people. When it comes to interaction, females need to chat with the guys first. This dating app is free to use, but you can enjoy more of its features if you avail of its premium option where you can get Bumble boost, bumble premium, spotlight, and super swipe. If there's a match that likes your profile, you cannot see who they are unless you get the premium plan. However, you can see your common matches for free. This is great and fun to use even for people beyond 50 years old. You can unlock its premium features, such as profile boosts and advanced filters for as low as $16.99.

9. Feeld

Screenshot of Feeld. Feeld runs on Web.

Singles that are looking for pleasure will want to use the dating site name Feeld. They can be just curious or they can be looking for like-minded people that share their needs. Since this is a site that they can use on iPhone or Android, they will always be able to put out their feelers. Once they find someone that is also looking for the same type of relationship, they will feel much better in their lives.

Feeld has worked for many singles. They like what they are able to find when they are on this site. It makes them feel that they are not alone and that they can be as happy as possible. With this type of dating site, they also want to be as safe as possible. Knowing someone as best as they can online is good. It will help them to be able to help them to feel more comfortable with them when they decide to meet in person.

10. OKCupid

Screenshot of OKCupid. OKCupid runs on Web, iOS, Android.

OkCupid was established by four college students in 2003. It is a free dating site that uses a certain algorithm to make sure you get matched with the best possible companion. In 2011, OKCupid released its app and was one of the first dating sites to have an app at that time. In 2013, OKCupid announced that the app would introduce 22 gender and 13 orientation options. Throughout the years, OKCupid has grown to be quite successful, now having over 91 million connections made every year and over 50 thousand dates made a week. Nook Cupid is mentioned more than any other dating app in the New York Times. After hearing about all this success, you may ask why the success and the answer is simple. OkCupid asks questions about you and gets to know the individual like no other dating app is available. If you use Ok Cupid, you are sure to be satisfied with connections that last a lifetime.

11. Hinge

Screenshot of Hinge. Hinge runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Hinge is a site where people can go on to find someone that they are really compatible with. Their friends will be able to vouch for these other people that they find interesting so this helps when they are looking for someone. It's always the best idea to include an interesting profile so that other people will know what they are all about. When they are honest, they will have a better chance of meeting someone.

When people are really interested in finding someone, Hinge is a great site to go on with Android, iPhone, or Smartphone. From anywhere, they will be able to find a person that they will be able to really like. It might take a bit of time for this to happen but it's a successful way to meet others. By finding the right person, single can really apply themselves to having a great relationship when they use Hinge.

12. Grindr

Screenshot of Grindr. Grindr runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Grindr is widely known as the world's number 1 social networking app for the gay, bi, trans, and queer. It is an app that helps bisexual and gay men meet with others same sexual orientation for casual hookups. Launched in 2009, Grindr is still evolving in terms of the increasing number of users. It has millions of daily users that use its location-based technology in almost every country in the world. However, this app is completely prohibited from use in Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. Grindr is a staple in the queer and gay community at large. Its new and unlimited version goes for $300 a year. You can use Grindr without installing the app. All you need to have is an emulator which enables you to use Grindr without an app.

13. Coffee Meets Bagel

Screenshot of Coffee Meets Bagel. Coffee Meets Bagel runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating site that you'll want to try your hand at. It's free for you to use and it's available on iPhone and Android. Make sure that you are ready to fill out a good profile including a picture that represents you. This will help you to attract people that are interested in you. Your matches will come in every day at noon. These are called Bagels on this site.

Look through them and decide which ones you wish to pursue and get to know in a better way. Communicate with them but always make sure that you're safe while you're doing so. Don't give out your personal banking information because you want to know more about the person before you trust them in this way. Once you communicate with them online, you may want to meet them in person. This will allow you to know them better.

14. Parship

Screenshot of Parship. Parship runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Parship is for singles that are looking for a long-term relationship. They can join the online dating site for free but if they want to see photos and connect with others, they will need to purchase a premium membership. It's worth it for many singles that are serious about finding someone that they can get along with. It will work for them when they take it seriously and continue to look for the right one.

It will prove to be exciting as a single person meets other people that are also looking for the same thing. They will want to communicate with them so that they can get to know them better. It will be a blessing for them as they go onward in their life. Since they want to be in a relationship, it will be something that will make them feel great about themselves and ready to engage with someone.

15. Happn

Screenshot of Happn. Happn runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Those that are single will want to go online by Android or iPhone to meet people that they want to know better. They can do this by joining Happn and they will be able to do this for free. Happn is a great place for people to feel comfortable communicating with others. They should also be sure that they are staying safe when they are doing so. Not giving out too much information is always a good idea.

One of the most important things that will happen to a single person when they are on Happn is that they will get together with the person that they wish to. Taking it slowly might be the way that will work the best for a person. They will be able to find out a lot about someone through online communication and then by phone call. Getting together in person will just add to the fun of it.

16. Lovoo

Screenshot of Lovoo. Lovoo runs on Web, iOS, Android.

People that want to enjoy a dating site in real-time will want to experience Lovoo. Lovoo will let them look at videos, chat, and check on the profiles of other singles. It's a great way to find someone that is near to them. Since proximity matters in a dating situation, it's always nicer to find someone that lives around them.

They can get on the website by using Android or iPhone and it's really simple to use. They always want to be safe if they are dating online. That's because they have never seen them in person so they will want to communicate online until they feel more comfortable with them. Then, they can decide whether or not to meet them in person. It will prove to be an exciting time for them because they are bound to meet a lot of single people that are looking for someone that they can like too.

17. Kippo

Screenshot of Kippo. Kippo runs on Web, iOS, Android.

Gamers that are single will love to meet friends and other singles on Kippo. They will find that they can use their mobile devices in order to get on the site. When people want to join Kippo, they can use it for free. If they want to upgrade, they are able to by purchasing a subscription. It's a minimal cost because other sites that charge to be on them are a lot more.

All the right dating protocols are the same on this site. People don't want to put on information that is too personal. They will want to wait until they trust the person a lot more and feel comfortable sharing information. It will make a difference and it will also keep them safer. Having fun with the games that they like while meeting someone that also likes them will really help them to enjoy their lives in a much better way.