Similar Software

Lists of apps like one another

Similar Software

Lists of apps like one another

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  • 9+ Apps like Yubo

    Yubo is an app for teens and people aged 13 to 25 whom allows them to video chat with other users. It has come under fire per recent developments of sexual interactions between minors and adults on the app. The following are Apps like Yubo; 1. Omegle Omegle is a website and app similar to […] More

  • 8+ Apps like YouTube

    There are many apps that looks like YouTube, but among all of them, Vimeo is probably the best alternative. This app allows you to discover and follow people from your niche, upload videos up to 10 GB in size and even create a video that is streamed via peer-to-peer connection with other users. This app […] More

  • 6+ Apps like Whisper

    Apps like Whisper are similar to Whisper for all kinds of reasons. It is a public story-telling app where people anonymously share their life experiences. There are many interesting features available on Apps like Whisper that let users post anonymous stories or confessions, use images or videos with them , etc . The following are […] More

  • 9+ Apps like Whatsapp

    There are many apps you can use instead of Whatsapp. Whatsapp was one of the first apps that brought messaging on smartphones to a new level. And even though there are already several other apps on the market that you can use as an alternative to Whatsapp, it still remains one of the most popular […] More

  • 7+ Apps like Venmo

    Apps like Venmo are used to send money between two persons on the go. There are many apps like venmo that let users transfer funds using the app. Venmo is an easy solution for splitting bills and paying your share of rent without having to carry cash or checks. The following are Apps like Venmo; […] More

  • 6+ Apps like Uber

    Apps like Uber can be used to call a cab or hire a car service and perform all the functions of Uber. Uber is a type of technology platform that connects drivers with passengers via our mobile phone. Passengers can request a ride from their phone and track their driver end route, without having to […] More

  • 5+ Apps like Tutuapp

    TutuApp is one of the best Android Market and Apple App Store alternatives. For Android and iOS users, TutuApp is among the best third-party app installers for downloading apps and games that aren’t available on the App Store or Google Play. Even though it offers many applications and games, it does not contain all of […] More

  • 5+ Apps like Tinder

    Apart from finding a perfect match in your immediate vicinity, Tinder is an extremely successful software for making new friends while traveling overseas. People can use the dating app to find mates in several ways. However, have you explored some of the other available apps that may serve just as well while you’re hunting for […] More

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